How to Stop Overeating

Picture of woman with knife and fork.

I specialize in helping women stop overeating for good. In my practice, I teach them the tools to change even long-established habits and patterns of eating. Overeating is not just physically uncomfortable and it can also leave you with a feeling of shame and loss of control, wondering how to stop overeating. The frustration and…

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How to Make Peace with Food

Do you feel peaceful when it comes to the food you eat? Many women don’t. It took me a long time to learn how to make peace with food and it is freeing to not be afraid of or hate food. Most women do not feel peaceful when they think about food. We often feel guilt, shame, and uncontrollable cravings.…

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19 Unforgettable Activities to do With Grandchildren

Here are over 19 unforgettable activities to do with grandchildren. These are grandparent tested and grandchild approved!

Here are over 19+ unforgettable activities to do with grandchildren. These are grandparent tested and grandchild approved! The ideas that I share are the result of the loving relationships that I share with my grandchildren. These are all things that I have personally done and found value in. October 2023 Update: At this point in…

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How to Get Unstuck in Life

Featured image for how to get unstuck in life. Woman sitting at desk with arms up.

That feeling of being stuck can be simply frustrating for a day or two or it can go on much longer and become a real problem. Here is a powerful way to help you get unstuck in life. Feeling stuck or unable to move forward can feel debilitating. It seems to feed on itself—the more stuck…

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How to Lose Weight Gradually

Learn how to lose weight gradually for permanent success

Learn how to lose weight gradually so you can have permanent success and results without hunger or depriving yourself. Quick fixes go bad quickly! You might think you are losing weight too slowly. That is just old diet talk. There isn’t a perfect or even steady way to lose weight. Each and ever day, you…

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How to Have a Happy Life After 50

Turning 50 can feel like the beginning of the end. It doesn’t have to be! Here’s how to have a happy life after 50. This truly can be the best time of your life! As of August 2023, I am now 61 and I feel more positive about my life than I EVER have. I…

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally That Work!

Woman relaxing Outside

You don’t have to accept being stressed as a normal part of your life! Stress in your life can cause many difficulties including feelings of being stuck and not being able to get the things that matter to you done. Here are 10 tried and true ways to reduce stress naturally that can help you…

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