How to Stop Being Invisible After 50

Picture of woman in a pink dress looking over her shoulder

If you feel like you are not seen anymore because of your age, I want to share how to stop being invisible after 50. As a woman who is now 61, I feel like I have successfully navigated this. I literally carved a new place for myself in the world with my blogs and my…

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The Real Causes of Weight Gain After 50

Do you think you gain weight because you are eating too much? You might be but not for the reasons you think. The real causes of weight gain after 50 may surprise you. In my experience of being a life coach for women who want to lose weight; the reasons we gain weight are more…

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How to Eat More and Lose Weight

Picture of woman jumping on the beach

Here’s something that might surprise you if you feel like you need to eat even less to loves weight. Most of my clients actually need to eat more to lose weight after 50 and 60. What??? Don’t we have to eat less to lose weight? That can work for a while but it’s usually no…

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10 Powerful Tips to Lose Weight After 50

Picture of woman for post 10 tips to lose weight after 50

To your surprise, what used to work doesn’t work anymore and you may have given up hope that you can ever lose the weight you’ve put on in the past few years. Here are my best 10 tips to lose weight after 50.  No matter what anyone says there is no magic or easy way that…

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What Are Good Goals for Weight Loss?

Picture of woman doing a standing yoga pose for post goals to lose weight

I recently Googled, what are good goals for weight loss? The first thing that came up was the outdated recommendation of 1 to 2 pounds a week. Well my friends over 50 or 60, you probably know that those days are kind of gone. Our bodies just don’t respond to dieting and deprivation like they…

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How to Lose Weight Without a Diet

Picture of woman drinking a glass of wine outside

I am the rare woman over 50 who was able to lose weight and keep it off. To do this I had to ditch the diet mentality and discover how to lose weight without a diet. As a professional mindset coach, I work with women in all areas of their life including but not limited…

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How to Convince Your Body to Lose Weight

Picture of Sara looking in the mirror

Are you having trouble getting to a healthy weight despite your best efforts, then you may need to learn how to convince your body to lose weight.  Recently, I got this email from a client. It’s like my body finally decided it was safe to drop the weight. That is 5 pounds this week.  I am amazed.…

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Diet Myths

Picture of woman for post called Diet Myths

Most of what we believe to be true about diets are lies that have been perpetuated without being examined too closely. Diet myths are widely held, commonly believed, and mostly false. As women, we can never measure up to be the person that diet culture says we could and should be. However, we can have…

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