What is holding you back from having a life you love?

What is that thing if you could solve or accomplish, you think would change your life?

If you aren't sure, the first step is to get clarity and then commit to 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching where we'll:

  • Prioritize a clear goal or result you want.
  • Identify obstacles and tactics for overcoming them.
  • Design your own personalized “standard operating procedures" for getting the result you want.

By the time you complete your 12 weeks you will have clarity and direction, and you will know how to manage your mind and feel any emotion that comes up.

You will have CHANGED YOUR LIFE!

Best of all, you’ll finish with your own playbook that is customized to your life and your priorities that will keep you on the path of your own best life.



The After 50 Playbook for Women

Thrilled and Happy Clients

Thank you so much for the coaching.  It really helped and I feel like I had a “reset”!  Excited about the busy-ness and will work on the issues that come up as I find solutions!
You are a natural coach and I have a feeling many people will benefit!


Just paid! Really glad I get to keep working with you Sara! Thanks for all the great coaching on my brain. I have really seen how much my brain resists feeling negative emotion. You are a freakin miracle worker of a coach Sara!! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


It’s amazing how much better I feel!  It blows me away every time how the responses I get from the difficult people in my life completely change after working with Sara and doing what she recommends - it blows me away every time! 

Every time I work with Sara, she sees things that I did not see it all!  I’m so much more productive and focused!  I am not distracted by things that are worrying me, stressing me out, upsetting me, or distracting me!! 

Thank you so much Sara!



The first step is to set up a free consultation and get some MUCH NEEDED clarity on your situation.

It's TIME to make your well-being a priority. The cost of doing the same thing, year after year is just way too much. This truly is YOUR time and I am here to guide and help you.

You are amazing. Book your session today!