About Sara

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I'm here to help you...
  • Move towards a life of passion and self-confidence—even if you have no idea right now what that is.

  • Have a life that matches your true values and honors your soul.

  • Get healthy and create a beautiful body and young-looking skin.

  •  Rock your life after turning 50!

What does having a Think Big Life mean?

About Sara | My Think Big LifeEverything we want, begins with our thoughts. I trained as a counselor almost 30 years ago and since then have been an academic advisor, career counselor, and certified life and weight loss coach.

I coach women to create lives that they love in bodies they are happy to see in the mirror.

Feeling despair, sadness, disappointment, and hurt happens to all of us. Feeling bad is natural. Yet, many get stuck there!

Sara Garska Coaching is a place to begin the adventure of opening up your life to new possibilities.

Some things you think you have to have, will simply not fit. And other things, that you never even imagined will come into your life and absolutely delight you.

You will learn tools for improving your health, your outlook on life, your relationships, and everything else that needs a boost!

The best part is that you can do this in tiny small increments while making peace with the life you have now.

Arre you ready for positive change?

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Work with Me One-on-One!

As a weight loss and life coach for women over 50, I'm at expert at helping you use your MIND to get the results you want in your body and in your life!

I can help you best in a one-on-one setting that is tailored to what is happening with you right now. I have 6-week and 12-week programs that give you results!

I help women

  • Reignite their spark for life.
  • Not just feel younger but look younger!
  • Have the best relationships of their life.
  • Change from the inside out.

Are you ready?

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