How to Make Your Life Great with Advice from Your Younger Self

Picture of two women hugging

What if you already have the best advice-giver on your team? Here’s how to make your life great with advice from your younger self. I recently asked the readers of my blog and email; “What would you tell your younger self?” These pieces of advice became something of a letter to my future self! Instead…

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Gentle Workouts That Get You in Shape

Picture of woman stretching at home

I love finding at-home workouts that help me stay in shape and feel better. This is my newest list of gentle workouts that get you in shape. Sitting at my desk all day can take a toll on my body so I am always looking for easy gentle, yet effective workouts to relax and restore…

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Food

Picture of woman in thought

How to Stop Obsessing Over Food Here are 5 steps to teach you how to stop obsessing over food. When you stop obsessing with every bite you eat, you can truly enjoy your food and have a sane, healthy relationship with your body, and your weight. Food is essential to our ability to be alive,…

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How to Love Your Body After 50

Picture of smiling woman

I know many of you wonder how you can possibly love your body after 50. It sounds like a great idea but also sort of impossible. Here are five steps to take that will help you truly love your body right now! I’m going to give you a clear pathway to creating love for your…

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How to Stop Being Invisible After 50

Picture of woman in a pink dress looking over her shoulder

If you feel like you are not seen anymore because of your age, I want to share how to stop being invisible after 50. Women in their 50s often complain that they feel invisible. This social phenomenon is so common that it has a name: The Invisible Woman Syndrome. While you might not want to…

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The Real Causes of Weight Gain After 50

Do you think you gain weight because you are eating too much? You might be but not for the reasons you think. The real causes of weight gain after 50 may surprise you. In my experience of being a life coach for women who want to lose weight; the reasons we gain weight are more…

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How to Eat More and Lose Weight

Picture of woman jumping on the beach

Here’s something that might surprise you if you feel like you need to eat even less to loves weight. Most of my clients actually need to eat more to lose weight after 50 and 60. What??? Don’t we have to eat less to lose weight? That can work for a while but it’s usually no…

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10 Powerful Tips to Lose Weight After 50

Picture of woman for post 10 tips to lose weight after 50

Here are my best 10 Tips to Lose Weight After 50. These are tried and true by me and by my clients. I teach women that they can lose weight, without a diet, eating food they like.  After 6 years of writing about weight loss for women over 50 and three years of life coaching…

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