How to Not Get Derailed From Your Diet

Picture of woman in a chef's hat holding a plate of cookies

Here are 10 ways to keep from getting derailed from your diet. Even the best of intentions can get derailed because of one of three things: Depriving so much that it leads to overeating, concern about how others feel, or lack of time. A big part of success with keeping to eating healthier is navigating…

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Why Diets Don’t Work

Picture of woman deep in thought

Most of you have heard by now that diets don’t work. In fact, the most common statistic is that 95% of diets are doomed to fail. Based on my work with women, here are 10 reasons that diets don’t work. But what does that mean? It means that while most diets can work to cause…

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How to Stop Thinking About Food All the Time

Picture of smiling mature woman looking up

In my experience, dieting just leads to more food obsession, not less! It’s time to try something different. I teach women to stop thinking about food all the time, so they can, not just lose weight but enjoy their life as well. Here’s the good news. It is possible to stop thinking about food all…

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How to Stay on Track with Eating Healthy

Picture of smiling woman getting ready to eat

I’m going to share with you how to stay on track with healthy eating. My way is probably different than what you have ever heard. Stick with me until the end to visualize what happens when you do this. It’s pretty amazing. First, let’s talk about what eating healthy even is. By this time of…

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7 Beliefs that can Lead to Weight Gain

Picture of woman looking into the camera

After three years of working with women who want to lose weight, I’ve identified 7 beliefs that can lead to weight gain or stop weight loss. I truly believe that we have to change our mindset first to be successful with losing weight and I’m going to explain it all here. These limiting beliefs are…

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How to Make Your Life Great with Advice from Your Younger Self

Picture of two women hugging

What if you already have the best advice-giver on your team? Here’s how to make your life great with advice from your younger self. I recently asked the readers of my blog and email; “What would you tell your younger self?” These pieces of advice became something of a letter to my future self! Instead…

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Gentle Workouts That Get You in Shape

Picture of woman stretching at home

I love finding at-home workouts that help me stay in shape and feel better. This is my newest list of gentle workouts that get you in shape. Sitting at my desk all day can take a toll on my body so I am always looking for easy gentle, yet effective workouts to relax and restore…

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How to Stop Obsessing Over Food

Picture of woman in thought

How to Stop Obsessing Over Food Here are 5 steps to teach you how to stop obsessing over food. When you stop obsessing with every bite you eat, you can truly enjoy your food and have a sane, healthy relationship with your body, and your weight. Food is essential to our ability to be alive,…

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