What Are Good Goals for Weight Loss?

Picture of woman doing a standing yoga pose for post goals to lose weight

I recently Googled, what are good goals for weight loss? The first thing that came up was that stupid, 1 to 2 pounds a week. Well my friends over 50 or 60, you probably think that sounds just as stupid as I do. That’s just not what happens. Here are 10 good goals for weight…

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How to Lose Weight Without a Diet?

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I am the rare woman over 50 who was able to lose weight and keep it off. To do this I had to ditch the diet mentality and discover how to lose weight without a diet. As a professional mindset coach, I work with women in all areas of their life including but not limited…

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How to Convince Your Body to Lose Weight

Picture of Sara looking in the mirror

If you’ve been scrolling on Pinterest, looking for a way to lose weight after 50, then this post may get you started. If you have been having trouble losing weight despite your best efforts, then you may need to learn how to convince your body to lose weight. Most diets will work initially. Pretty much…

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Diet Myths

Picture of woman for post called Diet Myths

Most of what we believe to be true about diets are lies that have been perpetuated without being examined too closely. Diet myths are widely held, commonly believed, and mostly false. As women, we can never measure up to be the person that diet culture says we could and should be. However, we can have…

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Read this Before Your Next Diet

Featured image: Picture of Sara for post Read this before your next diet

Read this before your next diet! You have decades of diet experience behind you and I know you’re frustrated with thoughts of another diet. Spoiler alert, I hope you never have your next diet. However, if you are telling yourself you need to diet, please read this first. I started my sixth decade a size…

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How to Stop Compulsive Overeating

Picture of woman looking at desserts

Before you can lose weight, you must address when, how, and why you overeat or binge. This post describes how to stop compulsive overeating. Most women think that going on the “right” diet will finally solve your urge to overeat. It doesn’t. Diets set you up for eventual failure and even more compulsive overeating in…

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Does losing weight without dieting sound too good to be true? This is no gimmick—it really is possible to lose weight without dieting.

Does losing weight without dieting sound too good to be true? This is no gimmick—it really is possible to lose weight without dieting even if you are over 50. I did it and my clients are doing it. Here is an email I just sent a client who had shared her food log and weight…

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