Eat More Fat to Lose Weight and Improve Health

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Eat more fat to lose weight. The research is being studied and low fat is out. Fat is healthy and good for your body.

Lose weight by eating more fat -- It sounds crazy, but this really DID work for me! Healthy fats are essential to a healthy body and they help to keep my skin looking great! The benefits of healthy fats are too numerous and vital to ignore.

Lose weight by eating more fat — It sounds crazy, but this really DID work for me!

Healthy fats are essential to a healthy body and they help to keep my skin looking great! The benefits of healthy fats are too numerous and vital to ignore.

While most people are trying to cut back on fat—I am always trying to find ways to get healthy good-for-me fats into my diet.

All fats are not created equal and it’s important to know the difference and to eliminate those unhealthy fats. But good fats? They are good for you!

Good fats improve your health, stabilize your eating, and make you look more beautiful.

Why We Need to Eat More Fat in Our Diet?

Burns fat: Eating more fat means you can eat less carbohydrates and this helps stabilize your insulin levels. Lower insulin levels allow your body to access your fat stores for energy. Fat is a major source of energy.

You don’t get hungry: Eating plenty of fat in your diet allows you to feel comfortably full without being stuffed. You don’t need to snack all day because you are giving your body what it needs.

It’s essential for the body: Fat is essential to the maintaining of the cell membranes and the sheaths on surrounding nerves.

It’s vital for blood clotting, muscle movement, and protecting the body from inflammation. It also assists in absorbing some vitamins and minerals.

It’s Brain Food: Your brain is at least 60% fat. Who knew? And it needs essential fat to operate at peak performance.

I’m not talking junk food or bad fats here. You can even grow new brain cells! Fat is also thought to improve your memory and mood as well.

It Improves Your Skin: The fatty acids you eat can act as a natural moisturizer and help keep it supple.

In addition, fats can contain antioxidants which will help against free radical damage. Fats can also help protect against inflammation.

What is Wrong with Low Fat?

First of all, let’s talk about fat in general. For the past 50 years or so, we’ve become a nation devoted to low-fat anything.

Yet if you look around, we are the fattest we’ve ever been! And the sickest.

People are still hung up on getting everything as low-fat as possible. But this is WRONG. It’s dangerously wrong. For over 50 years, bad diet advice has been the norm.

However, the truth behind the research is coming out. Dietary fats, even saturated animal and vegetable fats are not bad for you.

In fact, they are protective. They make you healthier.

Sugar, processed foods, and vegetable oils are the real dietary disasters. These are the foods that cause inflammation and cause you to gain weight.

Unfortunately, most foods labeled low-fat are often over-processed, low in nutrition, and higher in added sugars.

We were all brainwashed to believe that fat makes us fat. It just isn’t so. There’s a culprit in your diet and I’ll talk about that in a minute.

All vegetables and fruits are naturally low fat. When you eat a diet of real food, you actually need to add some healthy fats.

Healthy fats and oils make your food taste good and combined with vegetables and your protein don’t cause you to gain weight.

However, when you combine any fats or oils with foods like pasta or bread, then you will gain weight. The bread, pasta, or rice is what really causes weight gain.

Some Fats are Bad for You

Yes, some fats are bad for you. And bad fats combined with processed carbohydrates can make you fat and sick.

It’s not that fat and oil is bad for us–it’s that fat and oils have been CREATED in a lab that are bad for us!

When people make jokes about fast food burgers or other crappy food, being bad for them, they are right. We all know a bag of Doritos and melted Velveeta is not good for you.

Examples of unhealthy fats are: margarine, corn oil, canola oil, and hydrogenated oils, such as Crisco. These do not act the same in the body as healthy fats and oils.

I don’t even consider them safe to eat. While I don’t worry about an occasional fast food meal for weight gain, I just don’t want that stuff in my body at all anymore.

However, there are many healthy, nutritious fats that should be a part of your diet. Heathy fats fuel your body, provide energy, repair your cells, and help your body function optimally.

I want you to start seeing fat as a food, as a nutrient, and as an essential part of your daily diet. The right fats are great for your health. If you aren’t on board yet, for now just be open to the idea.

What Are Healthy Fats?

You may have heard in the past that oils such as canola corn, cottonseed, vegetable, soybean, peanut are good.

They are not. They are highly processed, come from questionable crops, and can have a detrimental effect on your body.

Forget your bottles of yellowish golden oils. They are bad stuff.

The good news is that good fats actually taste much better. They each have their own flavor and you can choose the best one based on what you are making.

I love coconut oil with curries. I love olive oil with chicken. I love butter with my eggs. Lard, duck fat, and tallow are all making comebacks in the healthy fat department.

Healthy fats actually make food taste much better because they each have their own flavor and add deliciousness to your meals. Foods such as nuts, eggs, olives, and avocados make wonderful additions to your meals and provide essential fats.

In addition, foods such as nuts, eggs, olives, and avocados also have great fat content. These all make wonderful additions to your meals, not only providing great flavor but an extra boost of healthy fat.

What about saturated fat?

Saturated fat was kicked to the curb many years ago. Sure the Crisco and margarine that was popular when I was a kid truly is horrible stuff. But butter, coconut oil, and fat from quality meat sources are fine as fat sources.

They are not the reason people get fat, have heart attacks, or suffer from disease. (Hello sugar—I’m looking at you for those things.)

The average American is eating over 100 pounds of sugar a year and it has a significant correlation to cardiovascular disease.

Can you eat too much fat?

Here’s my experience. I rarely overeat it. When you are eating real food, you don’t tend to overeat the way you do when you are eating processed food designed in a laboratory to make you overeat.

If I’m having a piece or two of chicken with a couple of vegetable sides, I usually don’t overeat. And that is not because it doesn’t taste good.

When you are cooking and garnishing with fat—your food tastes delicious! It satisfies your mind and your body in a way that processed food never will.

What is Real Food?

I don’t want to assume everyone has the same idea of what Real Food is. For me, it’s meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit, some dairy, and healthy fats. Other people include grains, beans, and dairy as well.

To be truthful, I do eat some rice and corn, mostly when eating out. I do like chips and salsa and sushi occasionally. But for the most part, I do stick to the basics I listed above.

But doctors say to eat low fat?

Doctors are not very educated in nutrition—it’s hardly addressed in medical school. In my experience, doctors tell people the same old bad advice—eat low fat, lots of grains, and avoid red meat.

This advice leads to weight gain and disease. That’s the part of research that you rarely hear about. This advice doesn’t do what it’s intended to do and catastrophically has led to a very unhealthy population.

It’s kind of a funny world where people think you’re the crazy one because you actually eat meat, vegetables, and fruit.

Fat tastes great!

For clarification, I am not drowning all my food in fat. I do use a good amount of it, but my taste buds and body know when enough is enough.

Here’s what is not yummy—a dry chicken breast and steamed broccoli. Sure if that’s all there was, I’m sure I could get it down.

However, some delicious roasted chicken with a buttery side of broccoli is way better and I think better for you. If you are vegetarian, there are many excellent vegetarian sources of healthy fat too.

How to Get Started Eating More Fat

As you begin to explore adding healthier fats to your diet, start with ones you are more comfortable with.

Start eating avocados, nuts, eggs, and olives regularly. Swap out your unhealthy oils such as canola with olive or coconut oil.

Starting cooking your chicken with the skin on. As you do this, reduce processed and low-fat foods in your diet.

Adding healthy fats to your diet can make a difference in your skin, your health, and your weight.

I really encourage you to do your own research so that you can be comfortable with a diet that has enough of the right kind of fat in it.

It is truly one of the best things you can eat for your wellbeing and overall health.

Be brave and eat more fat!

These are books that I highly recommend. These are affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure here.

I am a fan of eating fat and have been for years. I am currently reading The Big Fat Surprise and it is blowing my mind. The author spent 9 years, going over the research about fat in our diets from the past 60 years!

Another influential book for me is Gary Taubes classic, Why We Get Fat. This book makes a case that fat does not make us fat in an easy-to-understand way.

How Whole 30 Changed My Life

Diet Foods That May Be Wrecking Your Diet

Improve Your Skin From the Inside Out

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Fat is not something to be avoided and feared. Healthy fats are essential to a healthy body. Eating the right fats with the right food can help you lose weight, boost your health, and improve your skin.
Eat More Fat to Lose Weight and Improve Health
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  3. Douglas on March 27, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    This reminds me of Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper” where he wakes up in the future and discovers they were wrong, hot fudge sundaes are really healthy. Allen was way ahead of researchers?

    • Sara on March 28, 2017 at 7:11 am

      Something like that…except that it will be that steak and eggs are really healthy.

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