How to Look Younger, Instantly and for Free

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Here's how to look look 10 years younger, instantly, and for free. Use these tips before interviews, dates, presentations or any time you want to look better fast.

Here’s how to look look 10 years younger, instantly, and for free. Use these tips before interviews, dates, presentations or any time you want to look better fast.

The beauty and anti-aging industry is huge and I’ll admit, I buy my share of products. But the foundation of looking young comes from inside, not just what you eat, but from your attitude and how you feel about yourself.

You can look younger by projecting more energy, vitality, and enthusiasm. In addition to looking younger you, you also feel younger.

This is about so much more than beauty, age, weight, or the color of your hair. This is about taking what YOU already have at this very moment and looking like your best and most attractive self. And by attractive, I mean that quality that attracts positive people and opportunities into your life.

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

I give a lot of the credit to my parents who always refused to act their age. They initiated adventure after adventure together and at 83 my mom is still discovering new activities. In the past few months she’s joined an “eating out” group and signed up for a painting class in addition to a tutoring at a local school several times a week. I never think of her as “old.”

How to Look Younger Instantly, and for Free

Here are five easy things you can do right away and without spending any money. I am a firm believer that NO amount of beauty product or exercise can ever be effective without having these in place first.

How to Look Younger by Standing up Straight

I didn’t grow up with good posture and I’m still a little slouchy. As a teen (and sometimes now) my mom reminded me to “stand up straight!” This is something I have to deliberately think about and force myself to do. Yet, when I do it, I immediately feel and look better. Straightening up the spine allows your youthful vigor to flow more easily through your body.

How to Look Younger by Smiling

I used to be embarrassed by my smile. I thought the gap in my teeth looked funny. Once I began to smile more, I began to realize how important it is to actually smile. Not only will you feel better but it also makes you look prettier.

Seriously, just adding a smile to your face can erase years!

Also, don’t forget about your resting smile. That is what you want on your face when you aren’t doing anything in particular.

In my last job, during meetings I would look around the room and notice that every single person in the room had a mouth that was turned downward. Meaning, if they were sitting there listening as I was, instead of a smile, they had the opposite of a smile. Practice softening your face into something that looks like you are having a pleasant enjoyable time. You’ll be more attractive and approachable.

Just adding a smile to your face can take years off it.

How to Look Younger by Being Interested and Curious

The easiest way to imagine this is to think about people you know and think of someone that has a “light” in their eyes. When you are with them, you know they are listening, interested, and curious. These are all things that we have in abundance when we are young. The best way to develop this is to cultivate the attitude that you have something to learn from each person or situation you are in. Become interested and curious. Let your eyes light up like an inquisitive child’s.

How to Look Younger by Moving with Vitality

The way you move can also make you look younger or older. Many of us have some physical limitations that prevent this. Do the best you can and look for ways to feel and move better. For me that has been chiropractic care, walking, stretching, and strength building exercises. Do your best to walk and move with sureness, confidence, and a decent speed. Practice that good posture while you walk and you have a powerful combination.

How to Look Younger by Raising Your Energy

I saved the most intangible thing for last: your energy and vitality. So many things can make this even better such as good food and exercise. But you can actually raise this with your thoughts or movements such as straightening up. Sometimes I picture energy coming to me from above or flowing through me. Sometimes I focus on happy thoughts until I feel the energy flowing again.

Thinking positive thoughts can elevate your energy. I like to list in my head all the things I am thankful for. I keep listing until I feel better and that translates into looking better. Or I think about my children or grandchildren—that never fails to put a smile on my face!

I also use gratitude to raise my energy. You can read about my practice here.

After years of hit-or-miss gratitude practices, I decided to really commit to daily practices of gratitude. I discovered is that it does make a difference! Here is my experience, what I learned from it, tips for making it work, and ways you can begin your own practice.

So remember to smile, stand up straight, walk with purpose, be curious, and be energetic. You’ll automatically look and feel younger when you do these things. Recently my mom told me that people couldn’t believe that she was 84. That they thought she was in her 70’s. See it works at ANY age!

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The bonus of creating more of this youthful vibrancy is that you do look better. This is not about the lines or the gray hair. We’re all going to get those if we live long enough. No, it’s about those things you have some control of: your smile, posture, walk, energy, and the sparkle in your eyes.

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How to Look Younger, Instantly and for Free
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