Diet Myths

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Most of what we believe to be true about diets are lies that have been perpetuated without being examined too closely. Diet myths are widely held, commonly believed, and mostly false. As women, we can never measure up to be the person that diet culture says we could and should be. However, we can have…

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Read this Before Your Next Diet

Featured image: Picture of Sara for post Read this before your next diet

You need to read this before your next diet! I know you have decades of diet experience behind you and I know you’re frustrated with thoughts of another diet. To tell you the truth, I really hope you never start another diet ever again. But in my experience most women believe that they need to…

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How to Stop Compulsive Overeating

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Before you can lose weight, you must address when, how, and why you overeat or binge. This post describes what is compulsive overeating how to stop. This post is not intended as medical advice or to treat eating disorders. It is intended to provide information and is the opinion of the author. I’m a certified…

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How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Does losing weight without dieting sound too good to be true? This is no gimmick—it really is possible to lose weight without dieting.

Does losing weight without dieting sound too good to be true? This is no gimmick—it really is possible to lose weight without dieting even if you are over 50. I did it and my clients are doing it. Here is an email I just sent a client who had shared her food log and weight…

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How to Stop Overeating

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I specialize in helping women stop overeating for good. In my practice, I teach them the tools to change even long-established habits and patterns of eating. Overeating is not just physically uncomfortable and it can also leave you with a feeling of shame and loss of control, wondering how to stop overeating. The frustration and…

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How to Make Peace with Food

Do you feel peaceful when it comes to the food you eat? Many women don’t. It took me a long time to learn how to make peace with food and it is freeing to not be afraid of or hate food. Most women do not feel peaceful when they think about food. We often feel guilt, shame, and uncontrollable cravings.…

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How to Lose Weight Gradually

Learn how to lose weight gradually for permanent success

Learn how to lose weight gradually so you can have permanent success and results without hunger or depriving yourself. Quick fixes go bad quickly! You might think you are losing weight too slowly. That is just old diet talk. There isn’t a perfect or even steady way to lose weight. Each and ever day, you…

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Seven Secrets to Losing Weight After 50

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Most of what we’ve been taught about losing weight is wrong and what worked in our younger years, just doesn’t work now. Here are seven secrets to losing weight after 50. Losing weight after 50 requires a compassionate and educated approach. It probably seems like your metabolism has slowed down and it’s harder to move the number on the scale than ever!! Diets don’t work…

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