19 Unforgettable Activities to do With Grandchildren

This post is a love story. It’s about the love between my grandchildren and me. This is the real stuff we do to build an unforgettable bond.

To be an unforgettable grandparent, you need to do memorable things with your grandchildren.

Here are 19 unforgettable activities to do with grandchildren. These are grandparent tested and grandchild approved!

Unforgettable Activities to Do with Grandchildren

I see my grandchildren almost every week and mostly those are casual visits involving the entire family.

Once a month or so, I like to schedule an activity with a grandchild or two that is more catered to them and what they like to do.

The love between grandparents and grandchildren is built over time and through shared experiences. Creating memories for your grandchildren is good for you and your grandchildren. Here’s how to be an unforgettable grandparent.

For the most part, anything that involves one-on-one time with me is considered something special by the grandchild. They really do like to hang out with me and go anywhere I suggest.

Over the past few years, the following activities to do with grandchildren have emerged as our favorites.

I’ve also made a note on what I’m calling their TOP-RATED activities. These are activities that they literally count-down the days until we get to do them.

Go to a Live Theater Production

I’m starting with this activity because it truly is my granddaughters’ favorite thing to do.

Instead of presents for birthdays and Christmas, my daughter, their aunt, and I purchase tickets to live productions that we later take them too.

We’ve done Broadway shows, movies at the symphony (it’s a thing here in Houston and the girls and adults all love it.) We’ve done live shows based on favorite cartoons.

Long after other presents are forgotten and who gave them what, the memory of a great show lives on forever. This is definitely a TOP-RATED activity.

Paw Patrol Live

Go to an Amazing Park to Play

To a kid, most parks are amazing. Here in Houston, I’ve found a few parks that are memorable that the girls had never been too.

Most of the time, taking the grandkids to a park is a treat enough but when you find a great one it becomes an unforgettable activity to do with grandchildren.

Recently though, I added a small picnic to it to make it even more special.

My grandchildren from 1 to 11 all love going to the park and when they get to go to a special one, it’s even more fun. TOP-RATED

Take a Train Ride

Train rides are fun! This is a super fun thing to do with grandchildren.

The park near my house has a small train that runs throughout the park. The grandkids love that. In addition, we have a metro rail that runs through town. That’s about as adventuresome as I’ve gotten.

However, there are real trains out there and kids love that too! My sister’s grandchildren love to go on real train rides.

To tell you the truth, I still remember my first train ride as a child. Train rides are memorable!

Grandchild waiting for a train ride
Ready to ride the train

Take Them to Meet an Author or Artist

You can find these events at bookstores, gift stores, museums, or other types of cultural centers. I did this with my oldest granddaughter and she was thrilled.

While children often read books, they don’t really have the concept that real people create the words and art!

Meeting an artist and a poet was a big thrill.
It was exciting to meet an author and artist!

Get a Museum Membership and Do Frequent but Short Visits

Going to the museum can be expensive. I purchase a dual membership every year to one museum.

With a dual membership, I can take one grandchild at a time. Because it’s a membership, I don’t feel I have to stay at the museum all day.

It makes it easy and memorable, when you can pop into a museum and just do one or two exhibits.

That way no one gets tired or overwhelmed (ME) and you don’t have to spring for expensive museum snacks.

Take Them to a Restaurant They Wouldn’t Normally Go To

It’s fun to take the grandkids out to a restaurant they wouldn’t normally go to.

Heck I like that too! My grandchildren are not picky eaters and can usually find something they like anywhere.

If you usually go to diners, try taking them somewhere a little fancier. If you usually eat inside, try eating outside.

Try some different ethnic foods and introduce them to another country’s food. Go somewhere that has things for the kids to do.

Plant a Small Garden Together

Flowers, herbs, or vegetables. Even if you don’t have room for a proper garden, you can put some plants in a pot or two.

I recommend going to the garden store and picking some things that are already growing.

While planting seeds has its benefits, it’s kind of slow for kids. Plus, nurturing seeds along is more work.

Make a little garden together and then later, enjoy it or pick something to use in a meal.

Make a Scrapbook with Pictures of Your Experiences

Be sure and take pictures of all your fun and adventures with your grandchildren. I LOVE to look through everything we’ve done together over the years.

To make it more memorable, create a scrapbook together. If you do it online, you can order copies for yourself and your grandchildren as well.

I’ve use Shutterfly and they were easy to use. Sign up for the mailing list to get the best prices!

You can also print out the pictures and paste them into a scrapbook, the old-school way.

Make Crafts Together

I keep a variety of things for the kids to craft with. Your collection doesn’t have to be extensive but keep the basics on hand.

I keep paper, chip board (like what goes behind pictures in a frame), scissors, markers, glue, pencils, and different things they can embellish their crafts with.

Often, we make cards or photo frames as gifts for family members.

Or they can just draw. I keep a tablecloth with the crafts so I don’t have to worry if they mark on the table. TOP-RATED

Doing a rock painting craft, activities to do with grandchildren
Rock painting was fun for the children and adults!

Share Books from your Childhood with Your Grandchild

I was thrilled when my oldest granddaughter learned to read! Finally, I could share the Little House books, Anne of Green Gables, and A Little Princess.

In addition, I love introducing books to the grandchildren. Reading is still one of my favorite activities and I love having little readers in the family.

We visit libraries and bookstores to get books to read. I’ve even passed down some of my own books for them to read.

As well as books I read myself, I also introduce them to books my children loved reading. It’s hard to believe that Harry Potter has been around that long!

Books develop language and vocabulary in a child as well as introducing them to new concepts and ideas.

Send Postcards From Every Place You Visit

When my own children were small, their grandparents traveled a lot and sent postcards from every location. The kids still have all of these postcards 25 years later!

Now that I’m traveling more, I try to keep up this tradition. When you travel, take addresses and stamps with you to make it easier.

Teach Them to do Something

Teach them something you like to do. Cook, knit, crochet, play soccer, bake a cake, fish, ride a bike, make friendship bracelets. You get the idea.

Share something you enjoy and teach them to do it too!

Teaching a child to ride a bike, activities to do with grandchildren
It was fun teaching this little one to ride a bike

Let Them Help You with Something

While kids don’t always like chores, often they won’t mind a bit to help you with a project.

Children of various ages can help clean out a closet, weed a garden, dust furniture, or go grocery shopping.

Take Them to a Pool and You Get in Too

This activity has the distinction of being the grandkids favorite activity and my least favorite activity.

They have amazing memories of going to the pools at my apartments. Even though I don’t like getting in the water, for safety reasons, of course I’d get in with the little ones. TOP-RATED

Child going into the pool, activities to do with grandchildren
Pool time is best with a grandparent!

Have Grandchildren Spend the Night

Overnights are a favorite memorable activity for grandkids. This is always a TOP-RATED activity!

Here’s how to Help Grandchildren Feel at Home When They Visit.

Take them out for breakfast the next morning

I don’t make breakfast for myself at home, so I usually take them to my favorite coffee shop. I get my coffee and they get juice or milk and a muffin.

It’s a win-win.

Help Grandchildren do Something for Their Parents

On Mother’s Day, I helped the girls make a craft for their mom. It was a big hit and a surprise for their mom who didn’t know anything about it.

Kids love their parents and it’s a big deal for them to be able to do something for their parents. You could also help them cook dinner for the parents, make some cookies, or do a little cleaning if the parents are out.

Making special Mother’s Day Picture Frames

Tell the Grandchildren Stories About Their Mom or Dad

My little grandchildren love to hear stories about their mom and her siblings when they were little. They love to hear what they liked to do and times when they got into trouble.

Have a Camp Out

My dad used to put camp outs together for my kids and their cousins. I haven’t attempted this one yet, mostly because I forgot about it until I was writing this post.

My children and their cousins LOVED these campouts. There would always a tent set up and a campfire. The most memorable campout was the night a storm came through and everyone ended up inside.

19 Unforgettable Activities to Do with Grandchildren

Anytime you give to grandchildren is good time spent. Don’t feel like you have to do these kinds of things every week.

Most of these are special occasions. Sprinkle them in through the years and you will create amazing memories with your grandchildren.

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  1. Hendi on October 14, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    Baking or cooking with my grandchildren is a great way to enjoy together.

  2. Melody L Rosa on June 7, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    This is a really great list

    • Sara on June 7, 2019 at 3:59 pm


      • A. Frey on March 13, 2020 at 6:35 pm

        Make a cushion fort with them. Serve lunch inside it. My grandkids love that!

        • Sara on March 14, 2020 at 8:58 am

          Such fun! Thanks for sharing!

        • Gale Newhouse on August 29, 2020 at 1:55 am

          Tea party with real tea cups. Hot chocolate (tea), miniature marshmallows (sugar) and cream. Dress up optional. Play with manners. No slurping, belching, elbows on the table ,on maybe a few and don’t forget the pinky in the air.

          • Sara on August 29, 2020 at 7:12 am

            That is so awesome!

          • deb on October 14, 2020 at 12:14 pm

            My grand daughters love to have tea parties with real dishes and dress up in old
            bridesmaid dresses. Great memories.

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