20 Christmas Ornaments and Decorations to Do with Grandchildren

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One of my favorite ways to be an awesome and unforgettable grandparent is to make Christmas ornaments and decorations with my grandchildren.

Not only is it FUN but you have a keepsake that you can use year after year. Here are 20 adorable keepsake ornaments that you can make with your grandchildren.

A holiday tradition of ours is to get together and have an ornament making party. We pick an ornament or decoration to make and we make enough for everyone.

The goal is not to have perfect ornaments or decorations. The goal is to have fun as a family and create amazing memories!

One year we made salt dough ornaments that we cut out with cookie cutters, baked, and painted. Another year, we made foot prints in salt dough and painted them to look like Olaf.

We’ve done cloves in oranges–that’s a good one. Last year, I tried melted crayons in glass balls. They are pretty but probably not the best to do with children.

20 Christmas Ornaments to Make with Grandchildren

This year, I’ve been searching for something fun and colorful to do for our ornament-making party.

There are some crafty people out there! These are my favorites!

Christmas Ornaments from Popsicle Sticks

A popular Christmas decoration is the red truck with a Christmas tree in the back, with this craft tutorial you can make your own red truck ornament from popsicle sticks.

Red Truck Christmas ornament to make with grandchildren

Grab your glue gun and colored popsicle sticks to make these fun Christmas tree ornaments.

Glittery Christmas tree ornaments to make with grandchildren

Create a variety of playful ornaments with this Christmas Craft Sticks tutorial.

No craft party would be complete if you didn’t include a gingerbread house. This one is adorable and includes a template to print out for easy sizing of your popsicle sticks.

Cute Gingerbread house ornaments from Popsicle sticks

Here’s one more set of fun popsicle ornaments that include a snowman, Santa, and Christmas tree.

Ornaments from Popsicle sticks

Christmas Ornament Photo Frames

Photo frames always make adorable ornaments and keepsakes. Here are two I absolutely love!

This Christmas Photo Ornament is super easy and makes a cute gift for the kids to give Mom and Dad.

Cute Picture frame ornament

Get out your glitter for this fun lollipop photo frame.

Cute Lollipop Photo Frame Christmas Ornament to make with Grandchildren

Christmas Ornaments from Things Around the House

Snowmen are always a fun addition to your Christmas tree, and these snowman ornaments are cute and easy!

Easy Snowman Ornaments to Make with Grandchildren

These wooden spoon angel ornaments are sure to be a hit with your grandkids.

Angel ornaments made from wooden sppons

I always have extra clothespins around the house, don’t you? These clothespin snowmen will put them to good use!

Cute snowmen clothespin ornaments

These paintbrush Santas make for a unique and fun ornament.

Paintbrush Santa Ornaments

Pom Poms are always fun to make and these sweetheart snowmen are no exception.

Sweetheart Snowmen Pom Pom Ornaments to make with your grandchildren

These gingerbread house ornaments are perfect for older grandchildren.

Gingerbread house ornaments

If you like a natural look for your ornaments try these scrap ribbon Christmas trees.

Scrap ribbon Christmas tree ornaments

These paper straw Christmas wreath ornaments are easy to make as well as fun to look at!

Paper Straw Wreath Ornaments

Other Fun Christmas Decor Your Grandkids Will Love Making

This garland is super easy to make. All you need is felt, glue, and string! You can use the template provided with the tutorial or draw your own trees.

Christmas felt garland decor

Put those empty egg cartons to good use with this fun egg carton Christmas decor.

Egg Carton Christmas Decor

Don’t forget to put up a Christmas wreath. This paper plate snowman will be perfect!

Snowman wreath

Recycle your toilet paper rolls to make these adorable tube snowmen.

If your grandkids enjoy Cocoa pebbles, they’ll love this cute reindeer craft.

Reindeer craft for Christmas

The best part of making crafts with grandchildren is simply spending quality time with them.

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  1. Toni Maffeo on September 3, 2021 at 9:27 am

    Thank you so much for all these amazing tips . I’m happy to say my husband (poppy) and I (nonna) do most of these things already . Our grandchildren Michael who’s almost 4 and our granddaughter just turned 2 are so precious. We are Blessed that we live very close to our daughter so we get to be with them a lot lol . We love spending time with them. Whether we take them to places , or just being at nonna and poppy’s house . We always have a blast .

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