What’s Keeping You Stuck?

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Is getting unstuck your challenge right now? Do you feel you are capable of doing something beyond what you are doing and have dreams that feel  beyond your reach?

It’s often your thoughts that keep you feeling stuck! Here are the 7 common limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

  1. I feel selfish about my needs.
  2. It’s too difficult to get what I want.
  3. I’m too old!
  4. I’m too overwhelmed.
  5. Other people won’t approve.
  6. I don’t have time.
  7. I’ve missed my chance.

Learn what’s keeping you stuck by identifying common beliefs that keep many of us stuck in life. Then learn effective strategies to get free and get unstuck!

What Are Your Dreams?

  • Things you want to learn
  • Things you want to do
  • Things you want to make
  • A business you want to start
  • A book you want to write
  • Places you want to see
  • Jobs you want to try
  • Relationships you want to be in

What’s keeping you stuck from living the life you crave?

It can feel like there is an invisible force holding you back and keeping you from creating a life you love. It may even feel impossible to move forward. 

I know so many people that give up and stay stuck for years! Even sadder are people who think they’ve missed their chance.

Let me assure you. It’s NEVER too late to make your dreams come true.

Getting unstuck is so worth the effort because when you confront your limiting beliefs, you can have the juicy life you’ve always wanted.

Limiting Beliefs Keep You Stuck

The things that keep you stuck are your limiting beliefs. The tricky part about them is sometimes they flit through your mind so fast—you don’t even realize that you are keeping yourself stuck.

You keep yourself stuck with the things you tell yourself!

We all do it.

What Is Behind Feeling Stuck?

Sometimes it can seem like there are real circumstances that hold you back; however, it’s what you believe about your circumstances that hold you back.

To make your dreams come true and get unstuck, you have to address these limiting beliefs.

But here’s a truth. For ANY circumstance, you can name, that is holding you back—someone else has got unstuck and made their dreams come true even with the same circumstance. Often the difference is their mindset.

Feeling stuck feels bad. Success and achievement are subjective and unique to each person. I’m not trying to say you have to get a certain kind of job or make a certain amount of money.

What I am saying is that it’s important to move from being stuck. It’s important to your mental and physical health to be in a more fluid forward-moving state.

It not only makes you feel good—it is good for you!

And don’t tell me there aren’t things you want to do. I’ve worked with enough people that I know everyone has some hidden dreams about what they want to do.

Is getting unstuck your challenge right now? Do you feel you are capable of doing something beyond what you are doing and have dreams that feel  beyond your reach?

What’s keeping you stuck?

Often the thing keeping you stuck is the belief that YOU can’t achieve it. Other people might be able to but for some reason, you think that YOU can’t do it.

And that’s when a second problem begins. You try to ignore those things you deeply and secretly want.

Ignoring these dreams is exactly one of the things that is keeping you stuck!

Ignored things don’t go away. They take on a new life and operated behind the scenes.

Even though you think you’ve put away those “foolish” dreams and ideas, they are still there calling your name. And while you ignore them, you see other people reaching for similar things and making it happen.

That doesn’t feel so good.

It’s time to figure out how to get unstuck!

But first, let’s figure out what those things are you want to do. You don’t have to figure it all out! Once you let a dream or two out and take steps toward them; life starts moving.

Here’s something important to note. You don’t have to actually make every dream come true—you just need to acknowledge them and make a little space in your life for them.

You’ll discover some aren’t so important and you’ll discover some that have more meaning and importance in your life.

In getting unstuck; you allow your life force to move and invigorate your life. And that’s a good thing! that can keep you stuck.

7 Limiting Beliefs That Keep Your Stuck

It’s Selfish to Get What You Want

Maybe you think it’s selfish to consider your inner dreams and desires? Who am I to have a fulfilled life, when others seem to be living horrible lives? It can feel selfish to want to do and have more than you already have.

Yet, I believe with all my heart that we do our best good in the world when we are living our best lives. We don’t serve anyone when we are unhappy, unfulfilled, and yearning for more. And for what it’s worth, we want, what we want.

I know that the better I’m doing, the more I have to give and share. When I make myself small; I really don’t share as much. When I feel expansive; I share and add to the world.

Yes, there are selfish people out there that expand at the expense of others. But in general, so many more people want to share what they have and make the world a better place.

It’s Too Difficult to Get What You Want

When looking at the end result you want; it can seem too hard to get there. But here’s a secret. When you are moving towards your true inner desires, they are moving towards you. Honestly, sometimes the most difficult part is just getting started! It may be “hard” but it’s not the same kind of hard as say, sitting day after day at a job you hate.

And while it may be difficult, it’s not the kind of difficult that’s going to numb you into oblivion. People are hardwired to grow, move, explore, learn, and expand their limits. You are meant to do more.

I’m Too Old!

You’re not! Of all the reasons we limit ourselves, this is the most frustrating because it is so not true in most cases.

And if it is true—it’s not because of the number of years someone has lived. It’s probably more do to physical reasons.

The number of years you have been alive should never determine whether you can or cannot do something. Ever.

I was lucky that I had parents that never accepted age as a reason to not do something. Both my parents got their college degrees as adults.

They shared adventures through their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Now in her 80’s my mom is discovering the world of travel and other new adventures.

But I’ve met people in their 20’s and 30’s that feel too old to do something. Age really is just a number.

Don’t ever let age be the reason you don’t try something. I’ve started new careers in every decade I’ve lived and am living my best life ever now that I’m in my fifties.

It’s Too Overwhelming

Sometimes something can seem like it’s way too overwhelming to get started—you don’t even know where to start.

I advocate getting started anyway.

Here’s what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to overwhelm yourself with doing everything at once. Pick one small part of it to get started on. Then work on that for a few minutes every day.

If that is 15 minutes a day—go for it. You will be absolutely surprised how much progress you can make by consistently working towards something.

And those smaller starts trick your mind a little bit. Instead of your brain thinking that you are doing some big scary thing; it happily enjoys this little not-scary bit of progress.

The result is that you move toward and beyond this limiting belief almost without effort.

Other People Won’t Approve

This starts with you—not with other people. I’m not a fan of people running out on children or other obligations.

Don’t do that. But there’s no reason to totally ignore things that you want because you have obligations. It just may look different for a while.

Start small but start. Let this thing you want into your life in some way. As you become surer; you will exude more sureness. Other people (a.k.a. family and friends) will accept what you accept.

When people affirm your limiting belief, as in saying things like, “You can’t do that,” they are simply reflecting your own ambivalence back to you.

It may feel like you need people’s approval to want what you want. But you don’t.

I Don’t Have Time

Make room in your life for your dreams. Far too many women, act like slaves to their families. Kids and partners can usually do more. And if they won’t, hire help.

I am a firm believer that hiring someone to clean your home pays for itself. Most cleaning ladies will do a load or two of laundry and change beds as part of the deal too.

You deserve help and support while moving beyond your limiting beliefs!

I’m serious here. Your time is valuable! If you’re at all like me, a dirty home eats up energy and time in two ways.

First, the act of cleaning takes time. Some people love to do it. I don’t. So, in addition to taking my time, it takes my energy because I’m usually stressing over the fact that I’m not doing it or that it’s dirtier than I like.

It’s a struggle I don’t believe is worth it. Start with once or twice a month. I swear, if you are a non-cleaner but clean-lover like me, this will change your life. It frees up so much time and energy.

The amazing women that have helped me over the years, clean so much faster and more efficiently than me, it’s not even funny.

And they are so appreciative of being able to use their skills and earn money for their families.

And if you are thinking to yourself, “I can’t afford that!” Remember, I Can’t Afford It is a limiting belief as well.

I’ve Missed My Chance

You haven’t. What if instead of thinking you’ve missed your chance, you think something along the lines of ,

“Everything is working out in perfect time.”

You can’t get this wrong. You didn’t come into this world with only one chance to make things happen.

Things don’t have to happen at a certain age or time in your life. If you have a dream still alive, then you still have your chance to make it come true.

For some things, it may appear that you truly have missed your chance. However, I challenge you to move beyond that thought.

Sometimes things turn out in a way that is more wonderful than even we could have imagined.

What Happens When You get a Little Unstuck?   

Each time you get just a little unstuck, it helps you build some traction in your life. As you build a little traction you learn, that you can do more than you ever thought you could. And once you get that, no one can take that away from you.

Getting unstuck is actually kind of fun. I now love challenging my beliefs about age, aging, physical limits, success, and so on. I didn’t realize it at the time, but a few years ago, my limiting beliefs were literally crushing the life out of me.

I don’t recommend getting to that point!

But I do recommend connecting to what it is you want out of life and taking whatever size actions you can to get unstuck. It’s good for your body, your mind, and your spirit.

So, what’s keeping you stuck?

And what can you do about it today?


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  1. The Curious Frugal on June 18, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    The main overarching thing that keeps me stuck at times is overthinking. I actually have to tell myself to stop thinking. lol But it’s what I need – to just start and do and not think so much. I would rather do things than just dream or talk about doing them.

    • Sara on June 18, 2018 at 5:33 pm

      I totally get that too! Thanks for the comment–you’re right, overthinking can keep you stuck for a long time.

  2. Sophie on June 18, 2018 at 11:40 am

    You’ve hit all of my pain points with this one, ha! I’ve definitely thought at one point I was too old or I just didn’t have the time. But after a ton of self-reflection, I jumped right in, and here I am! Thank you for sharing! Great post!

    • Sara on June 18, 2018 at 5:34 pm

      Being too old is the one thing I never let stop me anymore! So glad you jumped in.

  3. Veronika Tait on June 18, 2018 at 10:57 am

    You don’t have time is one that really gets me. I’ve been realizing lately that those people I look up to who seem so accomplish so much don’t have any more time than me! They are just determined to make things happen.

    • Sara on June 18, 2018 at 5:35 pm

      I love the way you phrased that and it’s so true. We all make time for what is important.

  4. candy on June 18, 2018 at 9:56 am

    My problem is there are so many things that I want to do or need done it is difficult to know where to begin. This gives some insight and is helpful.

    • Sara on June 18, 2018 at 10:17 am

      It seems hard when you are trying to pin down one thing–but the advice is always the same. Just pick one and do it. That’s where the discipline comes. We feel like we are letting other things go, but really you aren’t. Thanks for stopping by!

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