The Health Benefits of Bone Broth

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Bone broth keeps my skin smooth, balances my mood, and is my favorite pre-workout drink.

With an easy bone broth recipe and lots of tips, you’ll be able to reap the health benefits of bone broth too.

While bone broth may seem like a fad, it has a long history of being a part of the human diet. It’s really only been in recent times that this healing food has not been a part of our diets.

There are amazing health benefits from bone broth! And to get you started I’m sharing my super easy bone broth recipe.

I honestly can’t remember what drew me to bone broth over four years ago but I certainly know what kept me making and drinking it: bone broth is good for you.

I’m going to share how bone broth smoothed my skin, helped me lose weight, and other benefits.

What I’ll Cover About Bone Broth

  • What is Bone Broth?
  • What Are the Benefits of Bone Broth?
  • Good Books About Bone Broth
  • What Are the Health Benefits of Bone Broth?
  • Is Bone Broth Good for Weight Loss?
  • How Long Does It Take to See Benefits from Bone Broth?
  • How Often Should You Drink Bone Broth?
  • Should You Make Your Own Bone Broth?
  • How to Make Bone Broth
  • Easy & Delicious Bone Broth Recipe

When I first wrote about it, I talked about how it helped my skin and my mood. Now more than four years later, I can say that drinking bone broth on a regular basis makes a big difference in the quality of my skin overall.

My face remains wrinkle-free and firm, my arm skin is firm and I don’t have any cellulite.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve upped my intake to help me recover from two months of travel. Last night I was seriously flabbergasted at how soft my arm skin is. I even called over my partner to feel it.

Because I’m approaching 60, sometimes people question me about whether I use Botox or fillers.

These are people that don’t know me well because those that do, know I have no interest in any substance being put into my body, that I don’t put there myself.

Picture of Sara with granddaughter
I’m a grandmother too!

So, yes, it really is bone broth!

What is Bone Broth?

To clear any misconceptions up, bone broth is simply bones simmered in water for a long time. When I make beef bone broth, I simmer it 24 hours. For chicken bone broth, I simmer it about 12 hours.

2021 Update: I now make my bone broth in an Instant Pot. So much faster and I think it even tastes better!

Bone broth is NOT stock or bouillon! Though you can use bone broth in place of those, they are no substitute for real bone broth.

However, for bone broth, to be edible, to taste good, it needs a few vegetables thrown in while you are simmering. I once forgot to do this and the broth was horrible.

Bone broth simmers for a long time so that you can get as much nutrition from the bones as possible.

Bone broth also uses all kinds of bones. I like to use all different kinds such as marrow or knuckle bones. For a chicken broth, I use the entire carcass plus some extra pieces such as neck bones.

I get my bones from the best sources I can. Before bone broth became the most awesome thing around, a lot of this was probably wasted. Bone broth helps me eat less animal meat and helps to use more of the animal.

What are the Benefits of Bone Broth?

The long-simmering of the broth creates magic in your stock pot. For most of us, who have never had anything but meat cooked without bones or skin, we’ve been missing out on important parts of the animal.

Bone broth gives us access to collagen, minerals, and other nutrients that are difficult to get in any other way.

These substances not only help you look better by healing your skin, they also help heal your insides too. Bone broth is a known healer of the digestion system.

Most things you read about the benefits of bone broth are based on studies of the things you find in bone broth. There aren’t a lot of studies on bone broth itself. However, there are studies on the components in the broth.

That being said, from anecdotal information, I came to believe that bone broth was worth a try.

Bone broth erased years off my face, improved my mood, kept me calm, and became my favorite pre-workout drink. With an easy bone broth recipe and lots of tips, you’ll be able to reap the health benefits of bone broth too.

Good Books About Bone Broth

The Bone Broth Secret

The Bone Broth Diet

These two books touted the benefits and I definitely thought it couldn’t hurt to try bone broth. I am so glad I did!

My personal experience with bone broth was awesome. But you should also know that science says that bone broth contains ingredients that are good for us.

This list is not all-inclusive but will give you an idea why bone broth is good for you.

What are the Health Benefits of Bone Broth?


Gelatin is a healing substance that can actually help soothe your gut. In addition, it can aid in digestion and promotes weight loss. Some studies show a link to improved blood sugar.

Gelatin is what happens when the collagen is extracted from the bones and connective tissue as you simmer your broth.


Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and it is vital to the health of pretty much everything inside and outside of you.

These days, few of us eat the types of protein that provide collagen. Our body slows down production of it as we get older and consuming it is the only way to get more of it.


Glycine is an important part of collagen and is needed to produce the antioxidant glutathione, that helps protect your body against cell damage.


Many people take this supplement to help with joint pain.

Most supplements are made from shellfish or even made in the lab. Bone broth gets the glucosamine right from joints and connective tissue and it comes in an easy to access form.


Magnesium is calming and relaxing, so you may sleep better and feel more relaxed during the day.

Is Bone Broth Good for Weight Loss?

Bone broth can be helpful in an overall great eating plan. If you are putting a lot of inflammatory foods into your body, bone broth is not going to magically fix everything.

I recently used bone broth to help me quickly lose 10 pounds of weight I had gained over the summer. Not only do my clothes fit again, my face looks so much better!

Sara, the author showing off the effects of bone broth

However, if you are limiting inflammatory foods such as sugar and processed foods, bone broth can definitely help heal your gut.

Bone broth serves as something to have in the morning and afternoon that provides nutrition, curbs cravings, and helps me not to eat food in-between meals.  

I use bone broth to aid in keeping my weight healthy but on its own, without any other things in place, it won’t make you lose weight just by drinking it.

How Long Does It Take to See Results from Bone Broth?

It takes a good month to really see and feel the results from drinking bone broth. When I first started drinking bone broth, I drank about 16 oz. each day.

I recommend, writing in a journal about how you feel and look before you start drinking bone broth on a regular basis. Then after a month or so, you can go back and look at your notes.

The changes can be subtle on a day to day basis. But after a month you should see some improvements and looking over your earlier notes will help you identify exactly where you are getting the benefits.

When I first did my bone broth experiment, I discovered to my surprise that in my journal, I kept commenting on how calm I was feeling. I wouldn’t really have remembered that if I hadn’t been keeping a journal about my experience with bone broth.

How Often Should You Drink Bone Broth?

One or two servings a day is plenty to reap the benefits of bone broth. In the beginning, I drank it every day without fail. With time, I would take breaks and sometimes would just make one batch a month for maintenance.

This summer, I traveled for six weeks out of eight. I found myself with extra weight, a puffy face, and an anything but calm mood.

I decided to go back to my bone broth roots and use it to detox from the travels, heal my gut, and get my face back!

While looking at my original two books, I saw that there was a new book out there, The 10-Day Belly Slimdown.

I don’t promote diets in general, but six weeks of travel was brutal on my diet, skin, and weight, I decided to give this a try. I lost 7 pounds in the 10 days and went on to lose 15 more pounds in maintenance.

How to Drink Bone Broth

I always have a quart or so in my refrigerator. I put a serving into a small saucepan and heat it up and pour into a mug when I have time. To be honest, I usually end up putting it straight into a mug and microwaving it.

My first cup of the day is after I have my coffee. If you don’t drink coffee or something else, bone broth can start your day off right.

I also enjoy a cup in the afternoon, especially if I am going to go for a walk or workout. It is the perfect pre-workout drink for me. It curbs hunger, hydrates me, and provides and energy boost, all without filling me up.

In general, I like to have at least a cup a day. I feel and look better when I keep up drinking it.  

Should You Make Your Own Bone Broth?

I think so. Commercial bone broth is really expensive and I’ve yet to find one I like as much as the ones I make.

I like knowing what is in my broth and in what quantities. I’ve seen some commercial bone broths online that look like they would be worth trying .

That being said, if you just aren’t into boiling up your own bones, check out Dr. Kellyann’s site for a trusted source.

How to Make Bone Broth

The hardest part of making bone broth is finding the bones!

Some stores now have them out in the meat section. In some stores you have to ask.

Recently, I found a provider at my farmer’s market. These days, people are selling their grass-fed and pastured meats at farmer’s markets. I was delighted to also find a great selection of bones available too.

This broth turned out to be the best-tasting broth I’ve ever made in the 3+ years I’ve been making bone broth.

The price was pretty good but the quality was outstanding. Now I am a fan of finding a local source for bone broth bones.

This is a picture of chicken bone broth ready to go. It has two carcasses from rotisserie chickens that I had in the freezer, plus the vegetables, and a few fresh pieces of chicken. After you have your ingredients in the pot, you just cover with water and begin the long simmer. Easy bone broth recipe.
This is a picture of chicken bone broth ready to go. It has two carcasses from rotisserie chickens that I had in the freezer, plus the vegetables, and a few fresh pieces of chicken. After you have your ingredients in the pot, you just cover with water and begin the long simmer.

Is Bone Broth Good for You?

I’m sure by now, you realize that I think so. When I write about skin care, I always emphasize that you get your best skin by what you put and don’t put into your body.

Bone broth works on your entire body and supports your overall health.

It might seem weird at first but the benefits of bone broth will soon turn you from thinking it’s weird to wondering how you ever lived without it.

I recommend reading a book or two about it to get a bigger picture of how good it is for you. Here are two of my favorite books on bone broth:

The Bone Broth Diet (Dr. KellyAnn )

The Bone Broth Secret (Louise Hay)

Supplies to Make Bone Broth

Here are affiliate links to everything you need to make bone broth. Mason jars are easily and inexpensively found in your grocery store, Walmart, or Target. The other supplies can be found in kitchen stores or you might already have them around the house.

Wide Mouth Quart-size Mason Jars

Wide Mouth Funnel

Fine Mesh Strainer

Heavy Bottom Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid

Easy Bone Broth Recipe

[mv_create key=”3″ type=”recipe” title=”Easy Healthy Homemade Bone Broth” thumbnail=””]
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