Fat Burning Smoothie with Matcha Tea

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This matcha tea fat-burning smoothie is a potent weight loss tool. It’s also an easy way to get nutritious and fat-burning ingredients into your diet every day!

As a bonus, it’s also great for your skin too. I’ve also included a printable recipe for you below along with why each ingredient is important in its own way.

I’ve been making green smoothies for years, believing that a healthy blend of greens is a way to quickly infuse your cells with tons of nutrition and health-building ingredients. Green smoothies are the ultimate fast food!

If you have only had commercial smoothies or smoothies made from all fruit with a token vegetable, this is going to be a little different. because this only has healthy fat-burning smoothie ingredients.

This matcha tea fat-burning smoothie is a potent weight loss tool. It's an easy way to get nutritious and fat-burning ingredients into your diet every day!

When I make green smoothies, I use lots of greens and other vegetables, with just a little fruit to sweeten them. This fat-burning matcha green smoothie takes this to a new level.

Do I Need a Detox?

I sure did! This spring and summer, I traveled for six out of eight weeks on three separate trips. All of these trips challenged me in that I wasn’t totally in control of what I could eat or even when.

The result was that I gained at least 10 pounds and my face looked puffy and I felt horrible.

I felt so miserable after my third trip that I thought to myself, I’m only going to drink bone broth when I get home.

While I do drink lots of bone broth, a one-item diet isn’t really practical or healthy. However, I knew I needed to do something, because besides not looking great, I felt really bad.

So, when I got home, I did turn to Bone Broth. I remembered one book that I had had for years, called Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet.

I don’t diet and while I had enjoyed reading about bone broth, I hadn’t done the diet. While looking at her other books, I found her book, The 10-Day Belly Slimdown.

I want to point out here, that a lot of modern research is promoting fasting and mini-fasting as a way to heal insulin resistance and help with stubborn weight. Both of these books promote some type of fasting.

In my normal way of eating, I am familiar with intermittent fasting or time restricted eating as it can also be called.

I’ve been making bone broth for years and I eat mostly real food. Nothing in the books was too far off from what I normally eat.

So, I decided to give the 10-Day Belly Slimdown a try. I’ll tell you how it turned out as we go. I love my results!

Introduction to the Matcha Tea Fat-Burning Smoothie

Part of the 10-day Slimdown is to have a green shake for lunch. These weren’t my usual green smoothies.

My recipe is not an official recipe and it doesn’t have the exact fat ratio, so if you do get the book and try out the diet, be sure and follow the exact recipes for best results.

A few months ago, I had bought a tin of matcha green tea. These little tins of PURE matcha are pricey but you only use a little bit, so it does last a long time.

It has a beautiful green color that just makes you want to make something with it!

I wanted to make a green smoothie with it because it is supposed to be really good for you and help with burning fat!

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What are the Benefits of Green Matcha Tea?

Matcha green tea is different than your usual green tea. First of all, it comes in a concentrated powder form. It is processed in a way that keeps more of the antioxidants than the tea that you steep in water.

The main benefit are the antioxidants that naturally occur in the matcha. It is said that it is about 100 times the amount in regular green tea.

Pure matcha tea has 100 times the amount of antioxidants than regular green tea!

Matcha tea does provides a little caffeine in a gentle form.

Matcha provides an energy boost without any of the drawbacks that I get from coffee such as jitters or keeping me awake later.  

Other Ingredients in the Fat-Burning Smoothie

In addition to the matcha, I include four other nutritious ingredients

  • Unflavored collagen powder
  • Brain Octane Oil
  • 2 cups of greens (usually spinach because it tastes so good)
  • Ginger

Collagen Powder

I use either Vital Proteins or Bulletproof Collagen for a couple of years now. In my opinion, they really help with the quality of my skin overall and the layer underneath.

As we get older, our bodies produce less and less collagen and this has been one of the ways I supplement that.

Bullet Proof Brain Octane Oil

I discovered this oil when I was trying Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning. This type of coffee has been around for years but I didn’t realize until recently that it was an actual thing with very specific ingredients.

Here’s the official recipe for Bullet Proof Coffee.

You can use any healthy fat you want in the smoothie but I am a huge fan of Brain Octane Oil.

When I say it changed my life, I mean it. When I started making Bullet Proof coffee with this oil and the Bullet Proof coffee beans, my mornings changed.

For the first time in my life, I could really concentrate and get things done in the morning. Here’s a link to the Bullet Proof page that explains why this stuff works.

I’m not an affiliate, I just love this stuff and use it daily.

It’s also supposed to get you into ketosis. That’s all well and good but I love the way it makes my brain feel: alert, focused, and strong.

So many things out there are gimmicks, but this is one that really helped me. I ordered it online the first time but I now find it in my local grocery store.

Green Vegetables

I use spinach and kale in fat burning smoothies because they are the sweetest and mildest in flavor. Other vegetables that you can substitute for the greens or part of the greens is cucumbers and celery.

By now, we all know that our leafy green vegetables are good for us. For me, adding them to smoothies is the easiest way to get them in my diet.

Even though I know greens are good for me, I don’t like them cooked and I definitely don’t like them in salads! Getting them in a smoothie works for me.


Ginger has its own healing properties and I think it just makes everything taste better. Ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can soothe your gut.

My Results from the Slimdown and Having a Daily Fat Burning Smoothie

I lost five pounds in 10 days and I was thrilled. The book says you can lose up to 10 pounds in 10 days.

Since I didn’t follow it to the letter—I didn’t get those results. However, I followed it pretty close and I am super happy with how I look and feel.

My face almost looks like normal and I can button my jeans again!

Equally as important, I just feel so much better. I’ve had the energy to resume exercising and I’ve got some bounce in my step.

One thing I know, I’m going to keep making this smoothie! I really do look forward to it.

Tips on Making the Best Matcha Tea Green Smoothie

Blender: I love my Vita Mix and use it multiple times a day. It mixes everything thoroughly and makes the best smoothies. You can use a regular blender. Start at slow speed and work your way up to high speed.

Unflavored Collagen Powder: I’ve only used two brands, Vital Proteins and Bulletproof. Both are considered good brands and dissolve completely.

Matcha Green Tea: Look for 100% pure, organic, and non-GMO. It comes in a tiny can but you only use a small scoop at a time, so it does last for a while.

Brain Octane Oil by Bulletproof: This is now the only oil I use in smoothies. It has no taste and it blends easily. The creator says it promotes ketosis which is powerful for weight loss. However, it is also great for focus and energy in my experience.

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