My Top Skincare Secret

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People ask me all the time, “What is your skin care secret?” I’m happy to share what has worked for me. As a bonus, my top skin care secret is also great for your overall health.

People ask me all the time, “What is your skin care secret?” I’m happy to share what has worked for me. As a bonus, my top skin care secret is also great for your overall health.

I have been obsessed with good skin care since I was a teenager with acne. And after spending almost every day of my childhood at the pool or playing outside, I have some (probably a lot!) of sun damage. Yet, I still have good skin tone, no wrinkles, and just a few lines around my eyes.

So what are these culprits? Sugar and foods that act like sugar in your body are not only bad for your body but they are DISASTROUS to your skin. Year in and year out, this silent damage goes on until one day you look at the loose skin and wrinkles and wonder,

“What happened?”

What happened is that inside your body, these sugars were causing inflammation. Sugar starts an inflammatory process in your body that harms your skin cells and turns off protection against skin damage. That inflammation reduces collagen and elastin! All the supplements and lotions will not counteract this internal damage!

Sugar Doesn’t Just Make You Fat!

Of all the things I eat or drink, one thing really shows up in my face. Sugar. Fortunately I quit eating unlimited sugar back in my twenties. I am so thankful that I realized way back then that eating sugar and foods that act like sugar was bad for me. In the beginning it was because of weight and overall health. I really had no idea how important that would be to my face.

Sugar is such a common enemy of people trying to lose weight that we really don’t think beyond that. It’s not just calories. Amidst all the damage sugar is doing inside your body, it is extremely damaging to your skin. People are so willing to pay big bucks for skin care, yet the real secret is in your diet. I love my products too! But I am convinced that no product or supplement can undo or counteract what you put into your body.

What kinds of foods hurt your skin?

When we think of sugary foods; we think of cake, candy, soda, and sweets like that. But many other foods act as sugar. Bread, pasta, rice, tortillas, and other products made from grains are just as damaging as sweets.

The following foods contribute little or nothing nutritionally but they can wreck your skin:

  • All common sugars: (especially the ones you consume in large amounts) white, brown, corn syrup, high-fructose syrup, agave, honey, and maple syrup.
  • Products made from grain: pasta, rice, grain, crackers, cereals, breads, pancakes
  • Goodies: soda, ice cream, cakes, cookies, candy
Sugar and Foods that Act Like Sugar |

Here’s a PDF of some of the common sugars and foods that act like sugars.
Sugar and Foods That Act Like Sugar

What Do You Eat Instead?

This is one of those things easier said than done if your diet has been composed of the above types of food. In a nutshell though, you eat real food. You eat meat, vegetables, some fruit, and healthy fats. It sounds limiting but it’s not. When you remove the crap from your diet you begin to explore and experience the huge variety of real food that is available.

It’s Never Too Late!

It wasn’t until my diet was fairly clean that I started to really be able to see the difference. Now my face shows me when I’ve been overdoing sugar and related foods. I also know that eliminating these foods shows an improvement in my skin quickly. If you are not happy with the quality of your skin, consider eliminating as much sugar and foods that act like sugar as possible and see how it affects you.

Close up of my face showing good condition and few lines.
At 53, my skin is in pretty good condition with only a few lines around my eyes. This is after having spent every summer of my childhood at the pool!

No matter what your age is, start to research what sugar and foods that act like sugar are doing to your health. I know it’s easy to ignore things you can’t see but this is one that will definitely catch up to you. It is never too early or too late to start!

The Products I Use

I only use one brand of products and I’ve been using them for about 15 years. I’m a huge fan of Suzanne Somers skin care products. I use her face washes, serums, toner, and moisturizers twice a day. I love how they feel to use, how they smell, and how they work. And she has the best lip balm stick ever. Ever!

I also have to give credit to Suzanne with introducing me to the idea of eating in way to improve my skin from the inside out by eliminating sugar.

Once you sign up for her emails, you will find out that she has sales all the time. I will usually stock up two or three times a year during her good sales.

I don’t have many things I recommend as an affiliate, but I absolutely love these products and have almost 15 years of using them to back me up. (Disclosure here)

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My Top Skincare Secret that's also great for your overall health!
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