5 Reasons to Love Cooking for ONE

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Here are five great reasons to LOVE cooking for one! Singles are notorious for not putting in the effort to cook for themselves. How many times have I heard, “It’s no fun to cook for one”?

Here are five great reasons to LOVE cooking for one!

I don’t always like cooking for myself. To be honest, it’s great to cook for someone special or for your family. But day-to-day, it’s usually just me and I am learning to embrace the benefits of cooking for one. Here are 5 reasons to love cooking for one.

You can buy high-quality food

Organic and other forms of high-quality food get a bad rap for being expensive. If you aren’t buying kale chips at $20/lb., it’s actually not that bad. When you only have to feed one person—you, then it absolutely can be affordable.

This is your chance to buy organic fruits and vegetables and high quality proteins. Skip the junk food and you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet!

You control what’s in your house

Remember the days when goodies and snacks were all around and you had to use willpower to avoid eating that bag of chips or that box of cookies? Those days are over! You control what is in your house now. There are times when I really wish I had some junk food around. Lucky for me, since there rarely is any here, those cravings pass quickly.

And if they don’t, I can buy a small amount of something and have a treat. Sometimes, I will buy a treat, have a serving or two, and toss the rest. Seriously, keeping the junk out of your home is half the battle to eating well.

You eat what you want

I cook what I want. My diet is very high on nutrition. However, I don’t use grains, beans, sugar, or cheese. Not everyone appreciates my approach to cooking. However, I love how I look and feel and it’s just how I do it here. At the moment, there is nobody to complain about this! It’s very liberating to have total freedom over what you buy and prepare. It’s a great opportunity to find the diet that not only sustains you but also nourishes you without feedback from someone else. While such comments might be well meant, it can also derail you from a healthier diet.

Tonight I’m eating a super yummy Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Sweet Potato Crust from the Soccer Mom Blog.

This Healthy Barbecue Chicken Pizza is so good, I now wish I had made more!
This Healthy Barbecue Chicken Pizza is so good, I now wish I had made more!

You eat when you want

I had many years when my eating was planned around the kids or my husband’s schedule. I didn’t mind back in the day. Now that I’m on my own, I’m embracing my own schedule for meals. Right now, I prefer to eat early in the evening and have a small meal at that. Again, no complaints!

You get all the leftovers

I happen to love leftovers. They are great for breakfast the next day or to take for lunch. When you cook, you can portion out your food and have ready-made meals for a few days. So go ahead and make a full recipe! Many recipes do well in the freezer as well. It’s so nice to have things already made and ready to eat.

There you go, 5 reasons to embrace cooking for one. It’s not always easy to get motivated. I admit it—I’ve eaten my share of microwave popcorn for dinner. In general though, I know my best bet is to shop and cook for myself most of the time.

So go ahead and embrace cooking for one!

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5 Reasons to Love Cooking for ONE
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