10 Reasons to Start a Blog Besides Making Money

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Blogging is a super effective way to improve your life and learn tons of new marketable skills! Here are 10 reasons to start your blog TODAY!

There are so many amazing reasons to blog that have nothing to do with money. Since you don’t make money for a while, so it’s a great idea to have other motivations to blog to keep ya going! Here is some inspiration to start a blog today.

If you can get started on your blog; you can build a foundation that will eventually allow you to monetize. The most important thing is to get started and learn as you go.

10 Reasons to Start a Blog

Plus, if you have 10 other reasons to blog besides making money; you have 10 other reasons to stick with it in the months or years you aren’t making money!

For me the number one reason I started a blog was because I had all these ideas in my head and I needed a way to get them out into the world. They weren’t all connected but they needed to be written. Creating an active blog had been on my mind for years!

Blogging is a super effective way to improve your life and learn tons of new marketable skills! Here are 10 reasons to start your blog TODAY!

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Your Blog Can Help Others

You have things inside you that could help others. In my three years as a blogger, I have seen women write about all kinds of things. I have seen women create new lives through their blogs. Reading the work of other blogs helps me and keeps me motivated and inspired.

What if they had kept all their good stuff to themselves? The body of knowledge and ideas has expanded because of bloggers like myself and you too.

Your Blog Can Help You Make New Connections Around the World

Being a part of a community is life-giving. Blogging gives you a new and expanded community. I connected with other women early in my blogging journey and we are still friends and keep in touch.

Some I have collaborated with and others have even provided support during discouraging times.

Bloggers are real people with real lives! Because many of us work as well as spend hours writing each week, our blogging community is important to us.

No one else quite understands blogging in our real lives. While they may be supportive, they don’t understand the constant struggles to grow as a blogger.

Other bloggers too. They also understand the everyday struggles of parenting, working, relationships and everything else you have going on.

Build New and Marketable Skills with Your Blog

Blogging is so much more than simply writing an online diary. You learn to set up a website and eventually so much other technology as you go along. In fact, right now, it’s probably hard to imagine the things you’ll discover you can do.

Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve set up the website, customized it, set up contact forms and an email list.

I’ve learned to design graphics, use social media to promote my blog, and have improved my writing. I can do demonstration videos and live videos.

Right now I use Bluehost and have been with them for three years. They are a great value for a new blogger! It’s the cost of a cup of coffee or two a month and you have access to an amazing place to learn and grow.

Here is a partial list of the things you will learn if you spend time in the blogging world.

  • Website creation
  • Writing with strength and purpose
  • Graphic design
  • Social media promotion
  • Newsletter writing
  • Making videos of yourself or your recipes or crafts.

I have used every single thing I’ve learned through developing my blog in my job. It has made me better at everything I do.

You Build a Body of Work You Can Use for a Book or Course

If you have every thought of being a writer or putting together a cook book or a craft book, then blogging is a place to build your body of work.

By committing to a post or more a week, you not only get better at your writing or sharing your skill, you create a stockpile of your work. This can later be the basis for a bigger project.

I believe that we all have thoughts and ideas inside us that need a way to get out. By blogging, you are accessing these ideas piece by piece. You are literally mining your own gold. You have so much inside you already that you don’t even know about.

I am continually surprise by how much I already know. Sometimes, I need to do a little research, but 99% of the time, everything I need is already there. Blogging is a great way to gather your ideas and to write them up.

By committing to writing about it on a regular basis, I’ve built up, categorized pieces of work that can be used for the creation of a book or class. Plus by getting it all out of my head and articulating them, I take these vague ideas that are there and turn them into usable pieces on content.

You Discover Your Own Creativity Through Blogging

Blogging is a creative process that requires discipline. When you begin blogging, you really do wonder where your ideas will come for the next few months and the next few years.

Yet, it is in the act of creating, that we get more creative. Creativity is like a muscle; you have to use it, to build it. This muscle may be rusty in you. If you haven’t created for a while, you may even think that you aren’t creative.

Yet, every person is creative. That’s what humans do—they create!

It can be almost scary to face a blank page. Yet, all you have to do is start and keep at it. I get asked, where my ideas come from. They come in different ways. Read here to find out How to Let Blog Ideas Find You!

Sometimes, I just get a title. One phrase to start with. Sometimes, I may be walking or doing something away from my computer, and a post begins to write itself in my head. Either way, when I get to my computer, I type as much as I have.

Then the challenge is to fill out the idea. The best way I’ve found is to set aside a couple of hours and challenge myself to complete it the best I can.

It is AMAZING what you can write, when you give yourself the space and time to do it, with the commitment to finish out the post. The more you do this, the more you trust yourself to be able to do it.

You Understand Yourself Better Through Writing a Blog

The more I write, the more I understand myself better. You don’t realize, until you start writing your posts out, what you already know about yourself.

Writing forces you to articulate the things you understand and the things you’ve learned about yourself.

I don’t care what you are writing about—writing helps you understand it better. And even better, you have a written record of it.

I have brilliant thoughts all the time. But unless I get it written, those thoughts usually evaporate into the ethers.

They fade away. Maybe not totally gone but gone enough. Writing captures your insights, AHAS, and really good ideas and processes.

You Become a Better Writer Through Blogging

I’ve always loved writing. As I write blog posts I write better in all ways. It not only helps me write better blog posts, but I write better at work as well.

The trick to becoming a better writer is to write consistently and continually try to improve. The more I write, the easier it becomes to write.

The blank page is nothing to be scared of. When you are getting started, it’s easy to be intimidated. Yet, we all have to start somewhere without any assurance that anyone is going to read what you write.

However, if you commit to writing, you will attract readers who are eager for your information. You have a perspective, knowledge, and experience that no one else has and writing is a way to get it out there.

You Gain Confidence and Become an Authority Through Blogging

As you write, you’ll settle into subjects that you know a lot about. You probably don’t even realize how much you know about some things.

I’m continually surprised by how much I know about different things. The more I wrote, the more comfortable I became with the subjects that I was writing about. One post would turn into several more!

After three years of writing, I feel confident about the things I’m writing about and am enjoying growing with my blog.

You Learn Commitment and Discipline By Blogging

If you are going to have a blog that somebody reads, you will have to create and post on a regular basis. You’ll have to write when you don’t feel like it and you will need to keep at it for enough time to build a foundation.

When you have a blog, to have any kind of growth, then it requires discipline and commitment to take it to a level that provides satisfaction. Let’s face it, if we’re going to blog, we also want people to read our blogs!

Blogging goes beyond a personal journal. Your posts have a purpose and you are sharing knowledge with others. It takes time to have enough blog posts and enough content to gain readers and a place on the internet.

You Have Fun and Learn New Things

Blogging IS fun! In addition to writing, creating, and developing your blog; you make friends and participate in groups.

You might make videos or you might be making recipes or crafts. There are so many facets to having a blog that you can choose the direction that is most fun for you.

Being a blogger is being part of a culture that is unlike any other.

Many bloggers are introverts who love working on their own but still love connecting with others. It might seem like it would be lonely but in its own way, it opens up your world.

If you are a life-long learner, then blogging provides non-stop opportunity for learning. Once you master something, you see something else you want to learn. This keeps you feeling smart and young!

Remember, that when you are at the beginning, it can feel overwhelming. The best way to deal with this is to jump in and take it in small steps.

10 Reasons to Start a Blog Besides Making Money

There are probably more than 10 reasons to start a blog besides making money! Blogging is the most satisfying thing in my life besides my family and my job.

I’ve made friends and I’ve learned so many skills. Not only that but I swear it keeps me young. I feel involved with a profession that constantly inspires and challenges me to keep growing in my life.

In addition, I feel like I do some good in the world. I share my knowledge, experience, and skills with others. It’s incredibly satisfying to create my own body of work that may one day be the foundation for a book or other endeavor.

Don’t let worrying about how to make money blogging, keep you from blogging. There are so many reasons to blog that are worthwhile and great motivation to get started. So, have fun and get writing and creating.

Love, Sara

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