My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

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Here's a green smoothie recipe that's good for you! It's loaded with greens and still tastes great thanks to a couple of ingredients

Here’s a green smoothie recipe that’s good for you! It’s loaded with greens and still tastes great thanks to a couple of ingredients. The problem with most recipes you see is that they are 90% fruit with just enough green to give it some color.

This has been my favorite and go-to smoothie for the past year. and a half. In fact, I credit it with helping me lose weight and keep the weight off! (Can You Lose Weight After 50?) There are many recipes out there for green smoothies and I’m happy to add my version to the Internet.

Note: I am not a health practitioner nor am I offering any medical advice here. Any claims I make are my own enthusiasm and opinion.

Here’s my history with smoothies: I was not a big fan of smoothies and would rarely make them. I felt they were an inferior way to get nutrition. It seemed like cheating somehow to blend everything up into a delicious drink and then call it a meal. However, I have been converted!

I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have changed except I dated a man who said “green smoothie” (he drank one every day) with such an adorable Scottish accent that I was smitten right way—with the idea of a green smoothie that is.

My Scottish boyfriend introduced me to green smoothies and made me a fan. Something about the way he said, "green smoothies."

I tried his recipe first and it was okay but not quite right for me. Eventually, I developed my own perfect recipe and am now addicted to having one every day. I feel like I’m flooding my body with feel-good energy and since I started drinking these daily, I’ve had lots of get-up-and-go to exercise, work, and connect with family and friends.

Here is the recipe for my Get-Up-And-Go Smoothie:

Add to your blender in this order:

  • 1 scoop collagen protein
  • A couple big handfuls of your favorite sweet greens. Spinach is a good place to start.
  • 1 small carrot or ½ of a big one
  • ½ an apple
  • ½ orange
  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • A small piece of ginger root (The Secret Ingredient–very important!)
  • 1-2 tsp of “light tasting” olive oil or coconut oil
  • Water

Add ingredients to your blender in the order listed. Start your blender on a slower setting to get things chopped and moving. This is very important! Then finish on a higher setting to make this concoction smooth and drinkable.

This is not a sweet dessert tasting drink. Though the fruit does give it certain sweetness, it’s green for a reason.

Notes on Making the Get-Up-And-Go Smoothie:

Greens. I like sweet mixes such as Super Greens or Power Greens. Most stores now have those mixes now. Spinach is mild and sweet and works well. Arugula is bitter so I don’t recommend something like that.

Water. Don’t add too much at first. Oranges and apples are juicy. You want it drinkable but not too watery.

The Oil. I use light-tasting olive oil or coconut oil. Do add oil. It helps it have staying power to keep you from getting hungry and quality oils are really good for your skin. I use about a teaspoon or a little more. Don’t go overboard.

Bananas. I let them get ripe—no green peels! Then I peel them and put them in a freezer bag in the freezer. You can break them into smaller pieces at that time or do it when you make your smoothie.

Other Fruits. What I offer above is my favorite combination. I’m sure any berries would make a healthy addition. However, most berries turn the entire concoction into an ugly brown drink. I totally love how fresh and green this looks.

The Ginger. I use a small amount of fresh ginger root. It keeps for quite a while in your refrigerator and you just slice off a piece as you need it. I think it takes the drink from bland to sublime. Again we can thank the Scottish boyfriend for this idea.

The Orange. One day I was out of oranges and tried a little lime for some citrus zing. It wasn’t the same at all. For me, the orange is key. I won’t even make my smoothie without it now.

No Dairy? I don’t add any milk or yogurt to my smoothies. I think the reason it gives me good energy is that it is so clean and fresh. The egg, oil, and banana give it some body. You won’t miss the dairy.

This makes a lot of green stuff. Feel free to drink over a period of time. Usually I pour 16 oz. into a mason jar for later or the next day.

I love my favorite green smoothie

Sometimes little things can help us maker bigger changes. You don’t always have to make big grand gestures. For me, this uplifting drink helps set the tone of the day and since adding this to my morning, I now exercise daily and it seems easier to eat right the rest of the day.

Drink up my friends!

Here are a few other green smoothie recipes that I love

Do you want to raise your energy without caffeine? This energy boosting green smoothie, full of nutritious vegetables, will invigorate you any time of the day minus the negative effects of caffeine. This clean vegan, dairy-free smoothie is also great for my skin and my body too!
This smoothie is full of greens, beets, and a little fruit. It’s gorgeous, delicious, and good for you. Get the health benefits of beets in a smoothie.

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I have an old Vitamix that I have used for years. Amazon and other retailers have ones you can buy. Any sturdy blender will work. Just be sure to start blending at LOW speed and work your way up to high. Starting at a high speed can blow the top off your blender. Not fun to clean up!

If I had to replace my Vita Mix, I would probably go for something like this.

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My favorite green smoothie recipe that is actually good for you!
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