Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood

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Looking for natural ways to improve your mood? Pick any of these easy-to-do actions and you can lift your spirits in about five minutes.

Spending too much time feeling bad rarely leads to positive results. That’s why I always like to have something I can do to help break a negative thinking cycle.

These simple things can turn your day around and boost your spirits quickly.

How to Lift Your Spirits

Something doesn’t have to be complicated or hard to make you feel better. I use natural ways to improve your mood because they interrupt the cycle of thinking bad thoughts that lead to bad feelings.

Looking for natural ways to improve your mood? Pick any of these easy-to-do actions and you can lift your spirits in about five minutes.

This is a powerful combination for feeling better. I believe that when we give ourselves some breathing room or relief, we can make better choices and decisions that incrementally and ultimately help us live a better life.

Here are my favorite natural ways to improve your mood.

Put on Your Best Face

I feel better when I look better. So I make a point of putting on my best face every single day.

Even if I’m home for the day, I spend some time to look my best. Wash your face and moisturize. Put on a little makeup if you wear makeup.

Brush your hair. Put on earrings. Smile a few times into the mirror. Move all your face muscles around to connect with your face. Give yourself a compliment.

Your best face is uniquely yours and you have your own unique beauty. Let it shine every day!

Make Someone’s Day

We truly do not know what other people are really going through or all the struggles they face.

Do something to let someone else know that you are thinking of them and that you care.

This is guaranteed to lift your mood as well as brightening up someone else’s day!

This could be something like writing them a thank you letter for something they have done for you. Let them know you are thankful and how it helped you.

Buy a bunch of flowers (or pick from your yard) for a co-worker or friend just to brighten their day. Put them in a jar with a ribbon and deliver in person.

Pick up an extra coffee or tea when you get yours and take it to a co-worker or your boss.

Send a small care package to a grandchild or sibling with things that they will enjoy.

Print off some pictures from a trip or event you shared with someone and send them to that someone with a note about how much you enjoyed your time together.

Clean Out Something

Pick a small place to clean. A drawer. A shelf. A part of your workspace. Your purse. The front or back seat of your car. Your computer bag. Your dining room table or a kitchen counter. Your shoe collection.

Take everything off or out and set aside. Wipe down the space so that it is clean. Then go through everything you removed and throw away anything that needs throwing away.

If things don’t below there, put them where they belong. Finally put the items back in a very neat way. Done.

Cleaning something out is oddly powerful. It will instantly improve your spirits!

When you see that space later in the day, you’ll feel a little boost because it looks so nice.

Pick an Affirmation for the Day

Sometimes we need a mantra to help us through the day. Spend your five minutes writing down sentences that reframe how you want to feel. Here are some to get you started.

Everything is working out for the best.
I have all the resources I need today and every day.
I can make choices that move me in the direction I want.
This is going to work out better than I can imagine right now.
My power resides in ME.
Everything is working in my favor to help me.
I deserve to feel good.

Pick a sentence or phrase that resonates with you. Then keep repeating it throughout the day. Put it on a sticky note and place it where you will see it.

The Forgiveness Meditation

This meditation was recorded by Coach, Tina Hart from Coaching with Hart. I love it! It not only leaves you relaxed but you have the comfort of knowing that the forgiveness process is set in motion and you don’t have to do anything else.

Handing over your anger or hurt is powerful and gives you a break.

Spend Time in Gratitude

Use your five minutes to think of every single thing you are grateful for. You woke up this morning. Your body still works. You can breathe. Your body is able to move. You have food to eat.

The world is still spinning like it should. You can wiggle your toes. You are able to think. There are people in your life that mean a lot to you.

Want some ideas for how to spend time in gratitude–check out this post: The Five Minute Gratitude Practice That Will Change Your Life

Complete Something You’ve Been Putting Off

We all have those little things that we put off for no other reason than we really just don’t want to fool with it. It could be a phone call.

Or ending a subscription online that no longer serves us. It could be getting some more information we need to make a decision.

It could even be changing the sheets on our bed! It could be going through the refrigerator and throwing out the old food.

Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood

Sometimes I do more than one thing a day. I always put on my best face in the morning before I go out. Often, I will either come up with an affirmation or give something a quick tidy up.

Feeling better isn’t just about massive action. It’s lots of little actions that add up to feeling better over time.

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