17 Fun Crafts to Do With Grandchildren

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Looking for an activity for you and your grandkids? Use this handy list of 17 fun crafts to do with grandchildren and start creating many awesome memories.

I love finding ways to spend quality time with my grandchildren. Doing crafts is a favorite with them. They love when I have the supplies and directions and we can make something together.

Having some great crafts on hand will help you create a stronger bond with your grandchildren and help them develop some real life skills!

Arts and Crafts Develop Real Life Skills

Beyond having fun, crafts to do with grandkids, can make a huge positive impact on their lives. It is well-known that art and crafts are good for a child’s brain development. Doing crafts benefits a child in many ways:

  • Helps children with academic subjects such as math and science
  • Teaches problem solving skills
  • Stimulates visual and motor skills
  • Encourages self-expression and creativity

Doing crafts with grandchildren is so good for them!

How I Got into Doing Fun Crafts with Grandchildren

“Grammy, can we do crafts today?” My five-year old granddaughter is obsessed with doing crafts. Beyond being fun, I’ve come to believe “doing crafts” is also a brain builder for kids.

In her five-year old way, she summed it up best. “I can see what I want in my head and then I can make it.”

That’s a really cool skill for life.

My challenge has been finding crafts that we can do together that we both enjoy. Finding fun crafts for myself, led to rounding up some crafters that I decided to feature.

This list will help expand your crafting options with the grandkids.

The Importance of Arts and Crafts on a Child’s Life

As a grandparent, you can help nurture your child’s creativity for life. Research shows that most children are creative at the beginning of their school career but that by fourth grade it is severely diminished.

As a grandparent, you can help keep their creativity alive and working well. This has never been more important in a child’s life.

In an age where we don’t know what will be the careers of the future, a child armed with a strong creative background will be better prepared for life in general.

And you thought this was just about fun?

Really, the children ARE our future and helping them develop their creativity is one of the most important things you can do with them. Plus, it’s fun for you and them.

17 Fun Crafts To Do With Grandchildren

17 Fun Crafts to Do with Grandchildren

I picked these crafts based on ones that I’ve done with my own grandchildren and what they have enjoyed doing. Think of these crafts as starting places.

Once you have the supplies you can do similar crafts or bust out some moves on your own. It’s also fun to see where a child’s creativity takes them.

My granddaughter designs 3-D projects in her mind and then has me help her translate them into the real thing. I’m pretty sure this is good for my brain too!

Even if you don’t consider yourself crafty, these are fun activities you CAN do with your grandchildren.

Nature-related Crafts

Spend a little time with your grandkids enjoying nature and gather some twigs for this fun and easy craft, making twig names.

nature related craft to do with grandchildren

Here is another fun nature-related craft with these leaf textured clay coasters. These will make a nice gift for them to take home to mom and dad. If you don’t have any clay on hand, try this homemade clay recipe.

Leafy clay coasters is a fun craft to do with grandchildren

Painted rock art is another easy nature-related craft. You can make the rocks as colorful and bright as you want.

beautiful painted rock art is a fun craft to do with grandchildren

Button Crafts

Who doesn’t have extra buttons in a drawer somewhere? Put those buttons to use in these two crafts that you and your grandkids will love!

First, there is the adorable flower button art project. These make cute cards too!

button art craft perfects for grandkids to give to mom

Second, make button bracelets. If you have enough of the same ones, you can even make matching bracelets.

Popsicle Stick Crafts

Do you love spending time drawing with your grandkids? If so, you’ll love these craft stick dolls.

craft stick dolls is a fun craft to do with grandchildren

Be sure to save some of those craft sticks for this next project – craft stick flower pots! This is a fun craft that will also make a beautiful gift for mom or teacher.

Craft stick flower pot to do with your granddaughter

One more fun craft stick project is this cute and easy popsicle stick apple core.

Crafts for Rainy Days Indoors

On a rainy day, the two of you can make your own sunshine with this paper plate sun and rainbow.

Sunshine and Rainbow craft for rainy day activities with grandkids

Do you keep clothespins lying around your house? Add in some pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and paint and you and your grandkid can make these adorable dragonflies.

Do you and your grandkids love to trace? Then you’ll love this fun sharpie stained t-shirt.

fun Sharpie T-shirt craft to do with grandkids

Kids love music so these homemade shakers and maracas will be a sure hit!

If you and your grandkid are butterfly lovers then you’ll love these next two crafts.

First, try these colorful coffee filter butterflies.

Coffee Filter Butterflies fun craft to create with grandkids

You’ll also love these chunky rainbow butterflies!

Chunky butterfly craft for a fun craft to do with grandchildren

Bookmark Crafts

If you’re like me and you enjoy reading with your grandkids, then making these lovely handprint flower bookmarks will be perfect for you.

Bookmark craft perfect for younger grandkids

You can also try out these washi tape bookmarks that are perfect for your older grandkids.

Bookmark craft this one is great for older grandkids

I hope you enjoy fun crafts with your grandchildren as much as I do!

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