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Suzanne Somers Skin Products

This evening, 2/20/19, I bought $324.00 of products for $84.00! I plan ahead and take advantage of Suzanne’s sales and offers. Since I’ve been buying for so long, I know the products I like and what I always want to have on hand.

I started using Suzanne Somers skin-care products 15+ years ago. They work, smell great, and are good for my skin. Now I want to share how to buy Suzanne Somers skin products and save big time!

Over the years, I’ve developed a system for buying her products in a way that makes them more affordable and I’m going to share it here.

Here’s a link to her websiteThis is an affiliate link. However, if you sign up for her mailing list and go from there–it won’t be an affiliate sale. I love this stuff so much, I just want to share what works so well for me.

Tips for Saving on Suzanne Somers Skin Products

Tip #1 is sign up for her mailing list. This is the most important thing to do because that’s how you find out about the good deals. Every week or two, she features specific sales. Every few months, she’ll have site-wide sales.

I watch for the site-wide sales where everything is 25% or 30% off. If you spend $100 or more, you also get free shipping.

Tip # 2 is my favorite tip. At least once a year, she offers you a chance to buy gift cards. For every gift card you buy, she gives you one for an equal amount or for half what you’ve spent. So, if I buy $150 worth of gift cards, she gives me another $150 to spend! This year, it was a little different, If you spent $100, you got a gift cared for $50. Still, it is a great deal and I’ve got mine waiting for the next big sale.

My gift cards plus a discount, let me stock up on the products I use.
Tips for Saving on Suzanne Somers Skin Products |

Tip #3 Her Subscription Boxes!!! This is a brand new feature. I bought the first one because it contained four of my favorite products for a fraction of the price. The second one was products I had never tried before and absolutely loved. Everything has been full-sized and beyond amazing. If you already use and love Suzanne skin products–these boxes are a must. She reveals each box before they are shipped, so if a box doesn’t appeal to you, you can easily skip a month.


Tips for Saving on Suzanne Somers Skin Products | MyThinkBigLife.comTip #4 Buy products in kits. Sometimes a kit contains several products I need and costs less overall than purchasing things separately. The 4-piece kit is a great one to start with.


My Favorite Products

Any of her facial cleansers. My new favorite is a coconut oil one. I got it in one of her discount boxes and fell in love. When I went to buy more and I saw the price, I practically fell off my seat! However, I had one gift card left and bought it with a good discount.

Calming Toner. You spray it on after cleansing and it helps the skin absorb the serum and moisturizer.

Any of her serums. They go on after the toner. I use the Ageless Serum and the Liquid Oxygen ones the most. The Advanced Complexion Serum is great as well.

Any moisturizer. I like them all.

Brow Pencil. It’s not available right now but I still have one left. I really hope it becomes available again!

Peach Exfoliating Cleanser. I use once a week or so.

Activated Charcoal Mask. I put this on and go read for half an hour. When I rinse it off, my skin feels plumper and softer. It’s amazing. I had this stuff in a drawer for a year or so before I got around to trying it. It’s unlike any mask I’ve ever tried.

Vanilla Orange Lip Balm. The only kind I use and I hoard them. Who hasn’t had a favorite product disappear!

I keep a tube everywhere: my purse, my work desk, my kitchen counter, my make-up bag, my travel bag, my computer bag, by the bed. You get it—I don’t ever want to be without! They last forever. LOVE these!!!

15+ years and I still love these skincare products! If I had to, I’d pay full price but I don’t have to. Click HERE to get started. Just get on her mailing list and watch for a good discount. Get one of the basic skin-care kits and give it a try!

Tips for Saving on Suzanne Somers Skin Products |