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You don't have to do it alone!

Midlife is just the beginning of what can become the most amazing and rich time of your life.

This isn’t the time to sit back and give up—this is the time to discover your passion for and purpose in LIFE.

You have knowledge and creativity that is just waiting for you to let out and share with the world.

YOU are already AMAZING and I want to help you realize that for yourself and gain the self-confidence to make your contribution to the world now and in ways that are 100% aligned with your true self.

Life Coaching Can...

Teach you the hidden thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from the life you could be living.

Teach you what self-confidence really is and how to harness it to make change in your life.

Help you improve every relationship in your life.

Teach you how to get things done—that matter!

My true passion is helping women overcome self-imposed barriers that are holding them back from experiencing the thrill and joy of living a life with purpose and passion.

Schedule a free 30-minute call to discover if life coaching is for you. This is the best 30-minute investment in your life you can make.

Happy Clients


Thank you so much for the coaching.  It really helped and I feel like I had a “reset”!  Excited about the busy-ness and will work on the issues that come up as I find solutions!

You are a natural coach and I have a feeling many people will benefit!



I'm so grateful that I got the chance to talk to you, I think that helped me set my mind into a way of knowing what I should do and what not to. And your lesson about how feeling sad or angry is not a bad thing or something that it should be "fixed" but rather just be aware was an eye-opening knowledge to me.


Thanks so much Sara!! It was so fascinating to do the coaching with you, in two ways. It was really fascinating to see how you shape and (let) unfold a coaching session, and to feel how powerful it is to actually contemplate the questions and answer them, not just ask them. When you are asked the questions, things can become so clear all of a sudden. I really look forward to my coaching journey and I wish you so much satisfaction pursuing yours!


I used to believe that turning a certain age, meant the end of certain dreams.

Instead, I discovered that turning 50 was the beginning of a whole new kind of life.

At a time when most people think you can’t lose weight—I lost weight and got into the best shape of my life.

Long after I thought I couldn’t climb mountains or take up new activities, I learned to cycle long distances and hike.

I’ve dated and made new friends.

I’ve reconnected with family and old friends in a deeper way.

And I am the Grammy to three of the most amazing little girls ever!

In addition, I created a blog, My Think Big Life, that is an ongoing source of inspiration and information for women.

My most current adventure is being a Life Coach. The training and education pushed me to rethink pretty much everything I had ever believed about myself.

Even as a life coach—I still get coached! That’s how much I believe in the process.

I love showing other women what is possible and showing them how to overcome their limiting beliefs so they can also create a life they love.

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