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Think Big Guides to Living Life

We are capable of more. Yet, it’s as if invisible forces continually hold us back. To break free, you must identify what’s holding you back.

I wrote these guides to group my related posts together. But the guides ended up having so much great new content and insights, that I decided they needed a home of their own on the website.

Most of my posts give a piece of the puzzle to things like weight, fitness, positive living, and skin care. Then I realized that if I grouped some of these posts together, that it would provide a fuller picture and hopefully be even more helpful.

How I Stay Sane in a Crazy World

Stay Sane in A Crazy World

These are my favorite practices for staying sane and balanced. I’ve used many of these for years! If something works, why change. But I’ve added a couple more recently that have been very helpful too.

If you are stressed and overworked, you might find some help here. I truly believe that when we practice self-care, that we not only give ourselves some breathing room, but we allow the universe to help us as well.


How to Have a Healthy Weight at Any Age

Don’t give up on looking and feeling good in your body. Modern advertising, manufactured food, and outdated information have left many of us overweight and unhappy with our bodies. Learn how to work with your body and have a healthy weight at any age.

Another subject that I’m passionate about. Having a healthy weight is not about being a certain size or weighing a particular weight. It’s about eating in a way that supports your body. By doing this, weight is often stabilized and you get the benefits of feeling better and looking better.


How to Have Great Skin at Any Age

How to Have Great Skin at Any Age

All my great skin care secrets in one place! Having great skin at any age is about making choices that support good skin health long-term.


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