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Resume Writing Services

Resume Writing Services

When did I fall in love with writing resumes?

I think it was back in 2002. I was applying for a job. A job that should have been out of my reach. But I I put my heart, soul, and some strategy into my resume and I got an interview. This job was a stretch, so I needed to get my foot in the door, so I could explain in person, why I was a good fit for the job. I got the interview. I got the job.

An interview—that really is all you can ask of a resume. Your resume doesn’t get you the job. However, the right resume, will get you the invitation to come in and talk.

That can truly be the most difficult part.

From Your Point of View

You know you can do the job. You’ve read the job description. It sounds perfect. Yet, you know, your resume is just not going to convince the employer. If only you could get into an interview; you could seriously explain why you are a perfect fit for this job.

But you just don’t know how to explain all this in 1–2 pages. So, you find a template online and you hope they will read enough to understand what you can do. Not, only that, but you are hoping that they can read that and understand how you can transfer what you did at other jobs to this new job.

Then you send your resume out with lots and lots of hope. You hope that they will read between the lines and understand that you CAN do the job.

And you hear nothing.

From the Employer’s Point of View

We have a job opening. We would LOVE to have someone come in that can get up to speed, like yesterday. But we know, we will have to train. Still, we really, really want someone that is close to what we want and that might even be able to grow the job

We cannot afford in TIME or MONEY to take someone with just potential. We need to see you can do the job.

There are a 200 resumes in my inbox waiting for me to review. I can’t take more than a few seconds to look each one over. I quickly separate the resumes into yes, no, maybe. And that is about whether we want to interview or not.

If you go to the NO pile—your resume goes to the shredder. I don’t have time to read between the lines.

We’ll go through the YES pile and pick some to interview. Hopefully, we will find our person there. I only look through the MAYBE pile, if the YES interviews don’t go so well.

Here’s the thing. Finding someone for this opening is not my major focus. I have to do my job. I want to find the right person. I don’t want to waste a lot of time or money interviewing people that clearly are not a fit.

If you want an interview, then you have to show me, that you have the skills, experience, and background to do the job that I have advertised.

From the Resume Writers Perspective

Most people have no idea, how a great resume can make this process so much easier. My skill is that I can talk to you and find out what your most valuable assets are and I can translate them into a format that the potential employer can understand.

If you genuinely think you are a fit for a job that you’ve found posted, then I will help you make your case. On our side, it may take a few hours. Yet, those hours, give you your best shot of being seen and chosen in the 5–10 seconds, that your resume gets viewed.

Employers do not spend very much time on individual resumes. They look very quickly to see if you have what they are seeking.

When I write a resume, I make my case for you in the first third of the resume. I want them to be excited to actually spend more time reading your resume.

Most templates and outdated ways of writing resumes, get the resume sent to the NO pile.

Hiring personnel don’t have time to read al the resumes that come in. Worse, many resumes have to get through an automated system first. That means, an actual person may not even make the initial decision.

Why I Write Resumes

My first resumes were ones I wrote for myself. I took the time to learn about formatting, strategy, and content. Over the years, working in a busy career center, I learned to write in a way that got results for my student.

I went on to take advanced classes and get certified in resume writing.

Having a great resume makes a huge difference in the length of your job search and your ability to get better pay. A resume is an investment. It’s an investment that not only pays in getting a job, but may also pay in you earning a better salary, year after year.

Even getting a job a few months quicker can be a major bonus!

I write resumes because I love to help people. When I help people get hired quicker and start EARNING money sooner, then I am happy. When someone has a great resume, they get tangible results much quicker. A relevant, targeted resume can get you in the door.

If finding a job or a new job is on your to-do list for the new year then send me an email so we can set up a free 15-minute discovery call and see if I can help you.


Resumes take a little time. As much as I’d love to jump right on yours and help you get in the door, I can’t do that overnight. Three reasons why:

  • I’m working on someone else’s resume and need to finish that up
  • I need to gather information from you
  • I need to write your resume

That’s why, getting started on your resume BEFORE you need it is so helpful. If you wait until you see the exact job you want, we probably won’t have time to get it done.

However, if you have a great, amazing resume already done, then if you see a perfect job posting, then it’s probably just a couple of tweaks to make. Easy peasy at that point.

How to Get Started

Getting started is risk free. And free to boot. I can schedule a 15-minute phone call to see what you have in mind and we can decide together if I can help you.

Email me at mythinkbiglife@gmail.com and let’s see if we can get your new year started off with a new job.


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