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Ladies’ Night Cosmopolitans

A night spent with your female friends is some of the best fun there is and a pretty pink drink with a kick can liven up the party. The great thing about a girls night out is that they are easy to set up and your friends will love it.

A night spent with your female friends is some of the best fun there is and a pretty pink drink with a kick can liven up the party. The great thing about a girls night out is that they are easy to set up and your friends will love it.

When I was a young mom, the ladies in my neighborhood would get together for ladies night about once a month to share food, drink, and about a zillion laughs. I continued with “Ladies’ Night” when I moved to Michigan, only this time we called it Girls Gone Bad. Later in Texas I instigated GGB 2. I guess I do love a night with my girlfriends!

One of my favorite things about Ladies’ Night is the food! I’ll admit, I take the easy route with cheese and crackers or nuts. But there is usually a gourmet or two in the group and the food is usually fabulous. The general idea is that one person hosts and everyone brings a snack to share and something to drink.

Ladies' Night is about the food as well. When everyone brings a snack to share you end up with some great food.

This recipe for Ladies’ Night Cosmopolitans is from two of my friends in Michigan. They made these for our first ladies night and it was love at first taste for me. This was the first Cosmopolitan I had ever had. I’m from West Virginia and this was new stuff. I loved it! Over the years, I have ordered one now and then, but they are never as good as the ones my friends in Michigan made.

This week, I came across that recipe! So I recreated it for a few friends here. It was a big hit. No surprise. One of the things I like about it, is that it doesn’t have a bunch of added sugar or other ingredients. It’s just alcohol and a little juice. Go easy on them…they are very potent. This recipe makes 3 or 4 Cosmos.

These cosmopolitans are so delicious!


Another great thing about Ladies’ Nights is that you can open them up and make new friends. It just takes a few ladies to get this started. If you each invite a person or two, you can create a really interesting group. Most of us are so busy with our own work and families that we don’t spend near enough time just being with other women or expanding our circle of friends. I’ve begun Ladies’ Nights in three states now and I can tell you that they are not just fun, they are something special that goes beyond sharing snacks and a cocktail. They are good for our female spirit.

Even though this might sound like something just for single gals, it’s not. Through the years it’s been with my married friends too. Let’s face it. We all need to just spend time with other women no matter what our relationship status is.

Keep showing up my friends!

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Having a Ladies' Night is a great way to bond with old friends and make new friends!

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  • Lori April 11, 2016, 10:13 am

    Great blog! I can’t wait to try these with my girlfriends! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing what works well in your life!


  • Paula July 15, 2016, 9:22 am

    Couldn’t agree more! Girl’s Night Out/In is one of my favorite things! I wish that I was able to get together like that more with my friends, though we usually manage five or six big get togethers a year. 🙂

    • Sara July 16, 2016, 8:59 am

      I just had a small impromptu one in the middle of this week. I really needed it! Time with other women is so good for us.

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