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Blue Host Web Hosting


My Think Big Life is the 4th blog I’ve started and by far my favorite and most successful. I can honestly say that Blue Host domain hosting has been the easiest one to use and their customer service has been fantastic. I started out with the cheapest plan out there and that worked fine for my first year.

When I renewed, I went with the Pro level. Right now, the Pro Level is only $13.95 a month for first time users. It was recommended to me by another blogger for three reasons.

  • Site Back Up
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Better Customer Service

However, to start out, the basic service has been great. After a year of blogging, I have a lot of content to protect and a lot of visitors. Having my site down even for a couple of hours could mean the loss of revenue. So I feel that the Pro level pays for itself.

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