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The Best Veggie Wraps from Pinterest

Here are the three best veggie wraps from Pinterest. Avoiding gluten? Try a delicious wrap made from vegetables instead of those made from wheat or corn.

Here are the three best veggie wraps from Pinterest. Avoiding gluten? Try a delicious wrap made from vegetables instead of those made from wheat or corn.

I have had my eye on some of the vegetable wraps and tortillas featured on Pinterest. As part of the gluten-free crowd, I don’t eat wheat and I try to avoid corn so a tortilla or wrap made from vegetables seemed like the perfect solution. Here are the three best veggie wraps from Pinterest.

Okay, I don’t actually know if these three are the best but they are really good and I will definitely make them again. If you want a great alternative to corn tortillas or wheat wraps, then give these a try. In fact, when I make them again, I will double the recipe. They all kept well in the refrigerator and reheated just fine. So here are my nominees for the three best veggie wraps from Pinterest.

Best Veggie Wraps: Carrot Taco Shells

The best veggie wraps from Pinterest: Carrot Taco Shells

The first one I tried was the carrot taco shells. As far as I could tell, most of the pins come from this one recipe. I made this one exactly as written. This included oat flour which was easy to find and it wasn’t expensive. This was the only recipe of the three to include cheese. I do eat cheese on occasion so this wasn’t a problem for me.

Recipe for Carrot Taco Shells

This recipe made four taco shells. I grated the carrot with a hand grater and then cooked it in the microwave as instructed. Then you have to drain and dry the carrots. A little advice here—use an old dish towel that you do not mind staining. I did and I was glad; since those carrots discolored the towel.

Mine did not crisp up but this didn’t bother me. I’m happy with a wrap! The taste was great and I ate one right away—sans any filling. Then I got ahold of myself and made one with some meat and toppings. I had pork carnitas on hand and topped my tortilla with pork, queso fresca, and cilantro.

This tortilla was strong enough to hold all the toppings and I could hold it with my hand. The next day I finished off the two that were leftover. What more can I say? I loved them and they did their job.

Here’s a link to my favorite Pork Carnitas recipe ever! Easy and as fast as carnitas get.

Best Veggie Wraps: Grain Free Cauliflower Wraps

The best veggie wraps from Pinterest include these grain free cauliflower wraps

Next up was the cauliflower wraps. The main objection I read about these was the smell. I did not notice a problem with that. However, it was a nice evening and I opened my door just in case. In this recipe, I chopped the cauliflower in my blender and then cooked it in a saucepan. You also have to drain and dry the cauliflower.

Recipe for Grain Free Cauliflower Wraps

Again, I made these as written. They were easy and this recipe made two good size wraps. They were mild in taste and held together very well. Meatball man had cooked some flank steak and we sliced some of that to put on top with a little mayonnaise. I would definitely make these again! But I would double to recipe to get more wraps.

Best Veggie Wraps: Paleo Zucchini Tortillas

The best veggie wraps from Pinterest include these paleo zucchini tortillas

These were also the easiest of the three wraps since I didn’t have to cook the zucchini before mixing it with the other ingredients. In fact, I grated the zucchini two days before I got around to using it and it still worked.

I grated my zucchini instead of putting it in the food processor. Also, I cut down the minced garlic to one clove. I still thought that was a little too much. However, these were so good.

After I mixed the zucchini, egg, coconut flour, and garlic, I put it on the pan as the recipe called for. It didn’t look promising at this point. It looked lumpy and I wasn’t sure it would cook into a sturdy wrap. However, it did and it did so in a fabulous fashion.

Recipe for Paleo Zucchini Tortillas

Another hit! While they were cooling, I scrambled a couple of eggs in butter and added some chopped turkey and chives. The next day I took the leftover wrap, cut it in half and made a grilled cheese and turkey sandwich out of it. Now that’s versatile!

The Best Veggie Wraps!

I am now a huge fan of veggie wraps, tacos, and tortillas. I still have enough ingredients to make another round. What I like about these is that in addition to having a great wrap, I am getting some more vegetables into my diet.

Now that’s a win-win!

Keep showing up my friends!

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