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The Real Superfoods in My Diet

The real superfoods in my diet are my secret to not just maintaining a healthy weight but also also supporting my overall health and wellbeing. I’m sharing them because too much focus on calories and the scale is only part of the health equation and possibly not even the most important part.

The real superfoods in my diet are my secret to not just maintaining a healthy weight but also also supporting my overall health and wellbeing. I’m sharing them because too much focus on calories and the scale is only part of the health equation and possibly not even the most important part.

There is no doubt in my mind that nutrition and what we eat play a significant role in our well being. We also need to move and breathe. However, those things, while important, are only part of the health equation.

Some of the mentality around weight and weight loss is disturbing. What is the most troubling, is that in the quest to lose weight, women treat food and their bodies as the enemy. They become completely focused on the calories they consume and the scale readings. I have been there and done that too.

No more. I am not going to count points or the number of chips I eat. I’m not going to eat little 100 calorie packets of nothingness. I’m not going to sacrifice eating real food for anything.

That being said…I have been a little nutritionally off-track for a few weeks. I was staying with someone that kept snacks in the house. Lots and lots of snacks. Fortunately, many of the snacks were dried fruits, nuts, dried plantains, and even jerky. But I did eat my share of chips and candy.

When I got home, while eating mostly like normal, I was still having cravings and I had gained six pounds. While not thrilled with my now too tight shorts (that’s what dresses are for…right?), I was not panicked. I’m not terrified that I’ll suddenly keep eating junk or gaining weight.

I am not telling myself not to eat. I am not beating myself up. And I’m not killing myself at the gym to get back on track.

The reason that I am not panicked is that I know my three superfoods will keep me in balance and aiming for health rather than just a certain weight.

The real superfoods of my diet are Love, Hope, and Desire.

Why do I write so much about ways to feel better and nurture your inner life? It’s because without your inner spirit being sound, it is very difficult to have a truly healthy body.

At times, most of us can force enough pounds off to be happy temporarily with what we see in the mirror. But weight is only one part, and maybe not even the most important part of being healthy.

The Real Superfood: Love

I love my body. Sometimes I compare it too much to others or to what I see in magazines or on TV. But in general, I think it does a fine job for me.

I can walk and get around easily. I have the strength to pick up and play with my granddaughters. I can hug the people I love. It’s a good body and always has been. I eat and move so that I can maintain this functionality that makes my life so enjoyable.

I love other people. In the past few years, I’ve lost some people I loved: my father-in-law, my dad, and a beloved brother-in-law. Losing people, I thought would always be around, helped me value the people still in my life and prompted me to begin connecting on deeper levels. Loving people and letting them love me, feeds my body in ways that food never can.

The Real Superfood: Hope

My blog is called My Think Big Life. There’s a whole lot of hope in that title! I’ve lived small most of my life. I’ve lived fairly well, but I’ve never put my whole self out there or done even a small part of what I thought I was capable of. But I have never lost hope that I could.

Hope can be a tricky thing. We can’t live on hope alone. However, without it, surely life would be unbearable? I’ve always had the hope and the belief that I would find a way to live my fullest life. And part of that life is having a body that allows me to live that life! I can’t let this body go. It’s way too important to my dreams and my hope that I can achieve them.

The Real Superfood: Desire

Desire fuels everything. I connect my desire to my body. My desires require a healthy strong body. I desire a romantic love. I desire a life that involves travel. I desire even more good times with my family. If you’ve read previous things I’ve written, I am a firm believer in looking your best. I don’t think it’s frivolous or silly to want to be in good shape, have good skin, and look attractive.

I don’t have a model face or body. I never have and never will. However, I sure am making the most of what I do have. My desires require this. I know people find love, travel, and good times at any weight and state of health. But my picture in my mind involves me looking and feeling my best.

The Real Superfoods

I love real food. I can’t diet. I sometimes overeat. Sometimes I don’t feel like working out. I deal with physical issues too. Yet, by keeping my focus on my real superfoods, I don’t over think or focus too much on punishing my body by depriving it or over exercising.

The real superfoods allow me to take care of my body and health by centering my actions on what is important to me: who and what I love, the hope I have about my future, and my true desires.

I encourage you to begin looking at your body and health from a bigger perspective than size or weight. Our bodies are the vehicle that not only carries us through life but are an active partner in living our lives. Connecting love, hope, and desire to eating and exercising makes a powerful team to being able to live your best life—your own Think Big Life.

Keep showing up my friends!

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