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About Me

When I mention my grown children or grandchildren in conversation, people are often visibly surprised that I’m old enough to have either. In a funny twist, I feel like I am reverse aging. When I compare how I look now to the me from a few years ago; and I swear I look younger now.


I feel like I look younger now than I did 10 years ago. Best of all I feel better too!

Of course, I can thank my parents for my good genes but I’ve also spent my entire adult life trying to practice good nutrition and fitness. I’ve read hundreds of books on these kinds of subjects, and am still passionately interested in health, nutrition, and fitness. I can remember when my kids were little, exercising to videos and making nutritious food from scratch.

My professional life includes degrees in business and counseling. I’ve been a program director for teens, a college advisor, and a professional resume writer. In all those capacities I’ve given advice to over 10,000 people. I guess giving advice is in my blood!

I don’t know everything about health and I don’t know exactly what is best for you. All I can do is share what I like and what works for me. My life is basically a DIY project! If I’m writing about it; it’s because it’s something I’ve experienced and think is worth sharing.

Behind the blog, I still struggle with worries, doubts, and fears. These are feelings and thoughts that I have to face every single day! Not only do I have to face them but I have to negotiate with them to be able to move forward in some kind of way. And believe me, there are days when I think I’ve utterly failed to do that.

I definitely don’t have the “perfect” life!

However, I have the perfect life for me since it’s the one I’m living. We all have to deal with our humanness and our imperfectness. However, it is important to find things that provide pleasure and meaning to our lives: sharing meals with people we love, feeling good in our bodies, nurturing our spirituality and creativity, and deepening our relationships.

Thanks for coming by to read. Please feel free to connect and say hi.

I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with you and I hope you’ll tell me some of yours!

I end a lot of my posts with the sentence, “Keep showing up my friends!” While I do love when you show up and read the blog, I am talking about showing up for life. And I do feel that those that read the blog are the people that are showing up for life and that is my way of acknowledging that.

As always, keep showing up my friends!

My Think Big Life is about nurturing your body, mind, and spirit. Positive living at any age!



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